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  1. Welp. Guys we may not have to do the hard work for this stuff at all. Elon Musk recently started a new company called NueraLink designed to connect brains and computers. If they do end up designing this, work for nervegear may actually be easier than expected. It's crazy to think that this might actually be a reality soon! Get your engineering kits ready guys! https://www.neuralink.com/ http://waitbutwhy.com/2017/04/neuralink.html
  2. I mean im using lua in an engine very well. Updates every Thursday. I should Also mention im not using a complete authentic version of lua. its a sandboxed version called rbxlua. I guess the code seems simple but it takes a lot of skill to try and create anything new. There are so many languages out there and I honestly dont know what to do after im done with lua. I feel like heading towards game and app development for now and might move towards a more advanced engines such as cryengine, Unreal Engine, or unity in the near future.
  3. I want to make this a reality as well and I will be taking computer science classes so maybe in the future i will be able to help with the technical aspects of the device.
  4. Yeah i figured. Intense game engines like Unreal use c++ and unity has c#. Both are powerful languages. I want to be a renaissance man when it comes to coding languages. I dont know what language to start next but im leaning towards c#. What would you recommend? Im still trying to learning and applying lua in an engine but i plan to move from it one day.
  5. Same here. Im trying to be fluent in a language my friend introduced me to (lua) and after i plan to expand into java and c#. I plan to pursue my computer science degree as well and to hopefully make this nerve gear be a reality.
  6. As long as everyone stays committed to this, it can become reality. I hope everyone is still very interested in doing this. This technology will definitely change the world. All of us would be a piece of history. We should all meet one day in the future and try to do this together. I dont know how just communicating through web is going to help us much.
  7. Again not accusing you of anything here or trying to be rude. But why cant you share your information with us?I dont know what your theory is or anything like that but I can say that you cant do everything by your self. You sound as if you already have the thing itself built and that you are ready to start on the game. The game isn't even important now. If you wanted to start working , you would need a huge group of more than 50+ working on the game. Making games is no small feature. Before we even build the hardware and the nerve gear itself, we need to know what the ideas are on how to do th
  8. Not to sound rude or anything like that but this is a group effort. Everyone is here to develop this as a team not for one person to use or to claim as their own. All developers on this forum are working towards this thing right now. You would also need more than just a game programmer ( they dont do everything). So I recommend that you add your ideas to the forum and lets try to help each other out with this project.
  9. I would not mind helping in both areas. This would be a learning and new innovative experience for me so you can definitely count me in! Is the research still going on to see how we can play with the rain without being invasive? I haven't seen many updates on this forum since last year. Im hoping everyone is still on board with this idea. This is a huge project and this group is getting bigger. I have the feeling we will be successful in our efforts and will bear the fruits of our labor and time in this. This group needs to make some huge chat or something maybe on skype, teamspeak, or etc..
  10. This is simply amazing. I just finished watching SAO recently and I've had the ambition to do this. I never knew that there would be other people to work on this as well. I would love to work on this VR technology with you guys. Im 15 but I am planning to become a software engineer. Im taking Web Design at them moment and I am taking Several engineering classes next year (Intro to Comp Sci, Ap Comp Sci, Mechanics and other things). I would love to help you guys as much as I can. My mother is also a medical nurse so if any of you need some questions from someone in a medical field, I will be wi
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