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  1. Oh, he's so cute! His probably a bear pomeranian? We have one pom but she is a fox pomeranian. She's also sweet and loves to play a lot but she's a bit alarming to strangers and barks a lot.
  2. That's very well said! We work not for money only, we have to build a good rapport with our clients and employees. Learning while we earn is the best thing to remember.
  3. Hi, try to push those voices out of your head. Whatever that is, it isn't friendly.
  4. Not sure what the neuroscientists would have quipped, but maybe that explains why folks are born talented at something they've never done before.
  5. Yeah. I agree. It is okay to have one date and bring a friend or a family member. But, if it happens every single date then it is not worth it to pursue the relationship because there is no way you can be intimate with someone without having that alone time together without having to think of other people.
  6. I had a heart to heart talk with my partner last night and we came up with an understanding that both of us should keep an open mind in our relationship. I admitted to him that he can be boring sometimes and he told me that I can be close-minded sometimes. I guess we just have to compromise with the flaws of one another and maybe look for guidance from relationship professionals.
  7. Maybe that guy has some mommy issues. I'm not really sure. But in some places, going on a date with some family members like a group date is a norm. What do you think about that? Is that too much especially if you want something serious to develop with your date?
  8. That's interesting to know. I guess Science is pretty cool. But, too much of it will just suffocate me. Although from time to time, I try my best to watch educational videos to understand his favorite topics. But sometimes, I still want to figure out how to tell him to change the topic without offending him. I feel bad every time I pretend that I am listening when I'm actually getting really bored.
  9. A friend of mine had a very awkward (funny to me) date yesterday. While she was out having lunch with her date, they ran into the guy's mom. She seemed to really like my friend because she started talking about weddings and babies. Haha. I thought it was hilarious though. What awkward date stories do you guys have?
  10. Ignorance seems to play a large role in cases like this. It relates to how someone was brought up. Like if you were naive, didn't know any better and your family brought you up to hate a certain group of people, then you'd likely follow because you don't know any better.
  11. Actually, from where I'm from, some of the jobs in this list still exist in some form. We still have people you can hire who will type stuff out for you. We also have elevator attendants in some shopping areas. I guess that's to avoid anyone playing around in the elevator. Haha. We also have people who bring around baked goods and food in the neighborhood.
  12. My boyfriend is a Science and Computer nerd. I love him but it actually annoys me that these topics are the only things he talks about. I feel bored and annoyed at the same time. Any tips on how I can survive this? Do I have to read up on these topics or just show fake interest to avoid hurting him?
  13. When I was still studying at the uni, I had a Philosophy class. One of the topics we discussed there is Logic. It's the most frustrating thing in the world for me because our prof literally used mathematical equations to explain the logic. I don't like math so I really struggled with understanding the concept behind those equations. But after I was able to practice and read more about the interconnection, it became easier for me. It's logical. It made sense.
  14. It's actually nice to incorporate science in fiction sometimes. Since science needs visuals and imaginations to portray the theories and laws, learning it through fiction will definitely be a helpful avenue. It also takes away the boredom into learning the concepts.
  15. This is really exciting. I am very much interested in nanotechnology. However, I don't have any ongoing research on the subject? Can I just be a spectator? Most of the conferences I attended are quite expensive for a spectator. Do you think this one is also like the others I've attended in terms of having to pay a lot for a spectator?
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