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  1. Try to get help from a clinical psychologist.
  2. When I cook, I don't do other things. I don't it to be overcooked or come out with a different taste. I am always focused with what I cook.
  3. I would feel the same way too. But the problem is you aren't even sure if he wants to talk to you or even see you again. Anyway, you can still try reaching out to him and let him know that you didn't mean it. You can also check out some depression treatments, suggest a therapy or anything that can help him go through with it...that could perhaps ease your guilt feeling too.
  4. “A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.” —Vernon Howard
  5. Funny! Glad you shared that!
  6. I also google especially if they are international cuisine. I like food network site for the consistency of outcome. Whenever I follow the recipes from their site, I always get a positive feedback from my family.
  7. I feel so blessed whenever I listen to Christian songs :)
  8. Thank you for the recommendations guys. Anyway, a consultant also suggested me a company that objective is to secure video conference. Hope it helps.
  9. Liking this one at the moment... Versace on the Floor - Bruno Mars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2UZlwTDGbY
  10. Very soon our company will be conducting multiple meetings simultaneously. Honestly we rely on Skype for our web meetings but since we have an important partner that is a little sensitive when it comes to security our company decided to upgrade. I am looking for an efficient video conferencing service provider that can be able to provide us the following requirements: We want something that can invite outsiders, like a client, by providing a URL and holding the meeting in a cloud-based video conference. Any recommendations? Preferably something that you have actually tried and tested.
  11. Right now I don't have a business of my own but in the company that I work with we have a system that organizes our energy consumption. The report generated by this system usually helps us in crafting data driven evaluations on where and how to save energy costs. Hope that would help.
  12. You will be surprised how much you can do at 50 :) - I know a nurse for more than 30 years who can no longer take the stressful hospital scene decided to take a course in LPN and now works less hours for more money. :) There is an endless list of possibilities
  13. Maybe you do not need to start an entirely new career. Maybe you just need to farm in a smaller scale - say, go with gardening? a vegetable garden or a flower garden, perhaps. You already know the land and the soil, so these should be quick study for you and you do not need to make a complete turnaround to something new.
  14. Thank you for your suggestions. For my home, I just order anything and everything from ebay or Amazon - more on ebay. For industrial materials, though, I need to do a little more research, troubleshooting and vetting. I checked all and came up with northstar and dynapar - which I believe are the same company? They seem to have what I need in terms of vector motors and bei encoders. I just hope that their sales support and responsiveness is as good as they claim. Well, here goes nothing ...
  15. I work in a warehouse and I was tasked to handle the repair of our conveyor. According to the technician the vector motor is causing the problem. We need to replace it ASAP but we can’t find a reliable supplier. Would you know someone that can supply us the replacement that we need?
  16. My favorite would be Predator (1987) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dulhjnwfv_E
  17. Welcome to Hotel California :)
  18. Hey guys, I hope someone here can help. Can you recommend an efficient finance company that offers fixed-rate mortgages? I'm recently engaged and the hubby and I are planning to buy our dream house. I’m currently exploring and looking for some options. Thanks in advance. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortgage_loan
  19. I usually use encryption but there are apps to protect your sensitive data. You can google Netskope and see if they can be of use to you.
  20. Interesting facts but the only sound I know right now is the notification on my mobile/laptop/tablet
  21. Good day everyone, I'm Tory and I just registered :) From where I am their is a huge celebration of Chinese New Year so I guess happy lunar new year to all :)
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