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  1. I am supposed to deliver a six-seven minutes speech on "Space and Mankind". Requesting you all to share your opinion and ideas on the same!
  2. I am supposed to participate in a science exhibition where I have to prepare a static/dynamic model on IT/Cyber Security. In other words, I have to find a gap in this industry, fill it and present it accordingly. So what do you think can be a good idea for this exhibition?
  3. I am supposed to shoot up a six-minute speech along with a presentation at a competition nearby. The topic is "Harnessing Light: Possibilities and Challenges" Therefore, my question is what do you think are the possibilities and challenges of harnessing light? I am supposed to stick to the topic entirely, and that is what makes it difficult. I would be glad if some knowledgeable person shares his/her knowledge and views! Thank you! :-)
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