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  1. The people who are responsible for influencing you to believe this aren't who they say they are... RbM
  2. Man, you are so thoroughly brainwashed by all of this that there is no way to get through to you. Science is your god, really - You worship it... RbM
  3. I have been lied to about everything as well, friend. Nothing special about me. I just started to question everything... That's all.. When a man chooses to believe a lie, he does it of his own free will. He becomes corrupted by the lie. The serpent beguiled Eve into believing something that was blatantly false. Adam sinned on purpose - he know what he was doing... RbM
  4. Think for yourself Buff... You have been lied to by those closest to you. I'm so sorry. You really have been lied to your whole life about everything... That's why Eve was deceived and not Adam. A man cannot be deceived...! BIBLICAL PATRIARCH NOAH IS CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS. http://chronologia.org/en/how_it_was/05_15.html#the18 RbM
  5. Sir, If you believe that we went to the moon - You will believe anything...! http://wellaware1.com/artwork/large/rocketboy.jpg RbM
  6. They're hiding something at your "North Pole" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erlVaGr-iS4
  7. https://www.lhup.edu/~dsimanek/hollow/morrow.htm
  8. Leave it to Curious to show his ignorance about the Son. So what else is new since he's ignorant about everything else. Actually the most ignorant thing Curious said was in his use of the term "proof". His claim about the Son not being powered by faith is serious ignorance on his part but the worst part of that statement is the use of the term "proof" since nowhere in religion is anything ever proved to be right or wrong. Any Religionist will tell you that the question of the source of energy from the Son being faith in the core has long be answered and there is no real doubt about it. That
  9. The clouds are behind the sun and electrical wires too !!! How bout it professor ???
  10. The sun is not a star... God created the sun, moon AND the stars. Three different things altogether. The stars are in the Celestial Sphere inside the Celestial Ocean, 4,000 miles above us. This in fact can be illustrated in the laboratory by Sonoluminescence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJolILUbdNw This IS scientific "evidence". It is... Stars do not make sounds. It is sound that makes the stars... The Choirs of Angels singing praises to God! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7687286.stm Look familiar? Reminds me of the Star Track Movie when they co
  11. The Trembling Bride The Pope has excommunicated himself from the Church for adultery. Spiritual adultery is the worst kind. By insisting that unrepentant adulterers be received into Christian fellowship within the Church, Pope Francis has become a partaker in another man’s sin. Pity. He is doing no favor to the adulterer by patting him on the back on his way to hell. This is not compassion. It’s a damnable lie. And every catholic knows it. The Pope is not a catholic. The Church has always taught what our Adorable Saviour taught, that divorce was an adulterous thing to do, and to marry another
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