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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0WNbm1jz6A
  2. what an interesting post! (interesting enough to cause me to take a look through my [vast] music library and post about it.) unfortunately, i only found a handful of selections of "potentials", the most viable one being perhaps being, "mr. roboto" by styx. i'm not certain that it meets the specific criteria for your set list, but i do wish you all the best should you ever get the chance to perform any of them. :)
  3. random images of [local] vegetation.
  4. happy birthday moontanman. :) i hope your day has been filled with lots of love, friendship and maybe even some good food and drink!
  5. there used to be an option (at the bottom of the page) that allowed the forum to be viewed in the old format. now i can't seem to find it. has this feature been discontinued? or have i simply missed it? :)
  6. indeed it is.. :phones: the character just never really caught my attention or interest. @ moontanman: thanks for the movie tip. :D
  7. :shrug: lol, apparently not.. but seriously, i don't feel deprived at all. :)
  8. i must be the only person on the planet that's never seen a bond movie. :shrug:
  9. lol, i just beat my own score while listening to one of my favorite musical groups. actually .. a rather appropriate forum listening experience. and now, back to the arcade!
  10. here's a sampling of guitar virtuosos celedonio and pepe romero from the romeros guitar quintet. :)
  11. *coughs* well, not everybody has that extra hour. as an american in the southwest, i accept your challenge and reject daylight savings time by drinking a beer in your honor and demand that, in return, you actually eat that one pound of *candy. :) but seriously (fortunately!) i won't be having to change my clock(s). ________________ *includes but not limited to trick-or-treat candy.
  12. ok, has been suck in my head all week! lol, i just found the kinks as well. :hyper:
  13. well, i just got back from my trip to the bookstore and was surprised to find seven pratchett books–all hardback copies! unfortunately, i was only able to pick up three of them :phones: since it's the beginning of the month and i've got a rent obligation to meet. anyway, if those other four books are stlll there in the middle of the month, i'm going to pick them up. my three new pratchett finds: mort, sourcery and moving pictures. i think tonight i'll give the arcade a rest and do a bit of reading instead. :)
  14. well, i am pleased to report that i've just wasted about two hours (+/-) in the arcade. :singer: i believe that a long day at the office justifies a long time in the arcade, right? fwiw, i fully expect my first place titles to be ripped from my possession by no later than tomorrow afternoon. :hihi:
  15. surprisingly, pyramids and witches abroad were the two first books i bought by pratchett. ;) sorry about that, i don't know how i overlooked it but i have fixed it. the author is gregory macguire. i rarely lend these books out but when i do, i make sure :hyper: i get them back! my first two pratchett buys came with the old covers. those old covers have incredible artwork and i agree that they are indeed hard to find these days without paying top dollar. :( i also re-read his books very frequently. i consider them my 'go to' books. when i don't have anything new to read, i dig out
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