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  1. Prove the reverse concept and tell us how you;d enforce it
  2. Evolution does not go uphill or downhill - it adapts - and in any case has nothing to do with sending astronauts t Mars. Your hatred of religion and ignorance of science Certainly Islam is indeed a backward religion but it does not limit other civilizations that are not so encumbered.
  3. Thanks typically liberal comrades - so much better to punish those who try to maintain their neighborhoods than work with those who don't care. The Wall Street protestrs have no idea what they are protesting. The current economic criss was as much due to the Fair Housing Act elininating financial resoruce limits in home ownerhip as Wall Street traders falsely tailoring loan packages.
  4. Your bias is obvious in your inaccurate interpretation duckwessels - or you didn't read and understand the article. The study looked at older adults (>/= 58) and found a difference in those claiming life changing religious experiences - did not observe effects in the frequency of public and private religious practices. The cautioned at the small sample size and geographic focus of those claiming the life chaning religions expeiecnes.Your biased interpretation stumbles over the obvious - coincidence is not cause. They point out that similar atrophic changes are seen in older adults with
  5. This is garbage - this is merely removal of cesium from solution. An unpublished article the terminology and reported experimental design of which show the authors' bias to support rather than test their hypothesis. Their uninoculated "control" for cesium precipitationl indicates the element was measured in supernatant. The literature and current application includes many reports and applications of microbes for removal of such metals from water, for example: HTML] The key microbial processes in the removal of toxic metals and radionuclides from the environment from omfi.huLG Gazsó - CE
  6. The poster asked after the ratio of men vs. women, not the ratio of newborn. Whereas more female children are born than males, women outnumber men both in the US and globally. The differences in ratios for either are not profound. Speculation as to the why include differences in newborn and childhood survival, greater risk taking in males, wars (males are primary combatants). etc. Think I'd try US census numbers before 2nd hand data from a "wiki".
  7. Mushrooms are not plants and they have relatively little food value for their mass. and to offer the punch line of a joke - nobody eats parsely.
  8. Think the post says muxh more about the bias of dduckwessel that any group's or anyone's brain size.
  9. An article in Yahoo (a very reputable scientific forum) by an activist, fund-soliciting organization (these are always calm and introspective) predicting a dire future with a fatuous comment by an unknown "scientist". That never happens! The end is certainly near.
  10. belovelife - could you provide the references? The links didn;t work
  11. C1ay - of course you'd blame folks selling bottled water, then tax them and implement a "no tolerance" policy in the schools.
  12. She certainly misinformed - citrus pulp is lower in protein than corn and has less readily available carbohydrate. Both cow and rumen microorganisms need protein in feed. Whatever the ultimate energetic potettial, citrus pulp alone is poor feed. The stuff has also been associated with some direct toxicology (see:http://jvdi.org/cgi/reprint/12/3/269.pdf ).
  13. That's bull, just a thought. These are not at this time effective replacement for current energy sources.
  14. Agree with Farming guy - it's primarily a personal decision on th part of the obese individual. But there are always folks looking for a bad guy.
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