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  1. This is one of the biggest issues with this sort of thing, and why there isn't a big team of 'alpha testers' lined up ready to test any form of DiveTech or 'FullDive'. Especially something that, despite not being directly invasive, from a legal standpoint *would* be invasive, is unstable at its best, and deals directly with the most complex part of the human body. Animal testing is my current theory on how to get things sorted once the immersive part of the system is implemented, although god knows that there'll be hurdles with that as well from a legal standpoint, not to mention greenies jump
  2. I remember a contact telling me he'd heard something like AxonVR was in the works by an American company though he didn't have a name at the time (this was around January time), good to see they've made headway with it. They're using much a similar control setup I plan on using (with the UE4 integration) but obviously wired/suit based as opposed to freestanding. They did it in quite an intelligent manner too, keeping it under the table until it was ready to be displayed. Really looking forward to see their first public demonstration if it comes out at PAX or such. Maybe not this year but next
  3. @NotBrad gets it. That isn't to say to stop discussing the bigger picture. You never know what may come of it, but the smaller picture has to come first. Good thing is, we have places like this where it all can be discussed and archived.
  4. The information redirection theory was purely theoretical, I didn't intend it to be taken that seriously, although there are a lot of valid points that have been raised as to why it should be nothing to worry about. I certainly won't ignore it though, but it does make more sense than not that it isn't really a major factor. As for kungfuboys post, that is something that would have to be considered, it's not as simply as just paralyzing bodily functions. That would shut down the entire system, effectively turning the subject into a vegetable. It's only primary mobility functions that would ha
  5. As much concern as I had (which was purely selfish concern, might I add), that is disappointing. I did look into it, and it seems as though most of it is rehashed technology that has been around for a few years. Just an Oculous that senses arm movement. Much the way I think a VR version of surgeon simulator was done. It is kinda disappointing that things aren't as advanced as they are, and the fact that it seems it was a marketing ploy. That said there is a small selfish part of me that's going "I haven't wasted all this for nothing." I'm sure there are other people working on this that feel
  6. Certainly didn't mean to suggest that neurology as a science is new, merely that using read information in such ways as this, is. In my research I've come across several study programs which are basically looking into the same thing. For example the Emotiv system. Clearly in those cases, reading information in even the most simplistic sense of a signal being 'on' or 'off' is possible. What I meant was, using it in such an advanced form with so many frequencies which all vary based on the situation, is new. As with every set of research in life, you have to crawl, then walk, then run, then fly.
  7. Things are working slowly forward. Pretty much all I can work on currently is the code side of things. Which is difficult when you have no reference equipment. That said, some of it is based on simple AI technology, IE that of multiple processes for each potential system, and having the program figure out which needs to be used at which time. Each of those subsystems can be disabled if they aren't required by the user. Mostly to do with frequency changes when the 'setup sequence' is done. That of taking a recording of what part of the brain elicits each response so that it can be copied each t
  8. There's two 'app' mobile games made by another member of the team, a tycoon style RTS, a standard story driven FPS (currently on hold) and another first person project that isn't a shooter. Details of the former and latter will come closer to release probably via different means to this thread, I hope to keep this mostly about DiveTech. It's not what I wanted to be doing at the moment, really. But it's fun and engaging, and will hopefully lead to greater things. And I get to help out a very special person in the process :)
  9. It seems as though the system created by the IBM team simply uses Oculus (or some version thereof) and has simply nailed virtual room movement from what I can only presume to be outside sources (could be using an EMG amp as well). The fact that it is SAO based is irrelevant to me, I was mostly worried about the advancements in the field, and after some more investigation into their stuff yesterday discovered it was far less advanced than I thought. @CraigD If you re-read what I've said previously you'll realise that BCI is only the tip of the iceberg. The entire point of "development" is to
  10. Well it will be now. Life has taken a turn for the worst for me in more than one way. Needless to say this announcement has ticked me off considerably and I'm going to go into this and take the bull by the horns. No more fixing life. I'll live with the ****ness if it means getting some of this done. In the next few days I'll start sending PMs to people and arranging to speak on my personal skype to figure out what can and can't be done. I'll start scouring these threads to see what's come up but I already know what I need to do. Don't think anyones ever developed a technology out of pure
  11. It was more a case of what I had available when I started. I've owned full license for UE4 and its source code since the day it was released. If something comes along that is better, I'll do a merge. I'm legally allowed to strip UE4 down to its knickers if I so desire. Given how it's written in C++ which is a common language any subsetory engines that come along (or my team build) in order to build the system can probably be integrated relatively seamlessly. Getting hold of usable hardware is still a problem. Money wise. I'm traveling away in a few weeks to meet with some old contacts to see
  12. I'm using UE4 as the engine to power PC side graphics, sound, physics, and weight simulation. Obviously an engine to handle the unit's IO interface will be required, though chances are I can simply modify a pre-existing BCI engine as a result. No major updates to report as of yet since my time has been taken up with other projects in order to raise money to work on this. That said, I've had discussions with my lawyers and got some contracts written up for potential employees. Still waiting on confirmation of it all though. Also, coding sucks.
  13. ^ Your wish is my command. TLDR: Haven't moved, life been terrible, no progress on DT. Central Hub world that DT will ship with though is about 50% complete. Well I'm still stuck here. I have no money, have had major computer troubles over the last few months. Lost a lot of data. However, the out of the box program/simulation/game/hub/whatever you want to call it that will ship with all DT systems in each of their forms is 50% complete. The world is in place and basic controls are setup, although they have no input yet because, well, dar, its not been made yet. The biggest issue though i
  14. Apologies for the silence, things have taken a turn for the worse around here. Fund supplies are pretty much dry and I'm now being forced to move to another city half way across the country, so things will be silent for a couple of months until I'm set up there. Irritating but, things happen.
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