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  1. If you go to the original thread that started all this, and go waaaaaay back, you'll see that the people providing the most insight were or are now in college researching these topics. As such, not a lot of them have time to spare. They're around though.
  2. That last bit kind of helped me shift perspective on the matter a bit. I think I was too focused on the individual aspect of the curriculum, but obviously there are more than just myself there. A good example of what you said would be how I personally found all the writing and literature core classes to be very informative and useful, whereas my classmates may have been asleep or not even shown up. I still refer to a lot of that knowledge when I write and approach topics, but that may not be the case for my classmates or other students. I guess this conversation kind of helped me ease off
  3. Heh It's not so much me being against them as it is me not understanding their use or relevance in regards to your long-term goal, although you definitely gave me a better idea with the examples you provided, which I thank you for. Would it be accurate to sum up what you said as filling gaps in a subject(s) you didn't even know needed to be filled?
  4. I will definitely keep all your suggestions in mind, and I appreciate the advice. I'm half way through identifying and differentiating between their product base, and I think even as I am now I have a better chance than I did a month ago. I'll keep at it in the mean time and hope the knowledge and effort appeals to them the next round of hiring. :)
  5. I appreciate that insight as it's something I'm dealing with right now. My question for you would be: do professions have the same requirement of "little to great experience" in order to engage in that field of work? There's an infinite loop that I've been noticing in my job hunting lately, in which these jobs require you to be knowledgeable in one or many areas to be hired, but the places that you would get that experience also require you to have experience. There never seems to be a way to circumvent these prerequisites to be considered for hire. For example, I am currently trying to a
  6. You are correct that they still have CLEP exams to bypass courses and earn credit by demonstrating sufficient knowledge in the subject. But another reason I had a problem with core classes is that on the off chance someone was weak in a subject(s) all throughout early schooling (k-12), they are being forced to take it/ them again with even greater repercussions for not doing well. I agree it's important to be well-rounded as a student and individual, but I don't see why someone that excels in, say writing or languages, should be unable to pursue their education in those subjects simply b
  7. I actually agree with that idea, but since you need a degree to be considered for any higher-paying job (with my experience, having knowledge and know-how doesn't necessarily make you a viable option for hire like a very expensive piece of paper i.e. a degree, and now even that doesn't guarantee anything), I just wondered why we have a broad core curriculum to begin with? Not only that, but specialized/ vocational schools are more expensive because they have shorter enrollment times (2-3 years to graduate as opposed to 4+), which doesn't make sense being that they removed the excess classes.
  8. First off, let me say I'm not entirely sure if this is where this question should be asked, so if it isn't, I would appreciate it being moved to the correct location :) Now this is something that I thought about quite a bit while taking classes in college, and something I still continue to consider now that I am unable to attend ($$$ problems ;^_^). For the most part, at least from what I remember, the first two years or so of college cover a broad range of "core classes", or required curriculum needed to advance in your education. I have been told by my brother, whom graduated from colle
  9. I actually disagree with this bit. It's definitely true that more research needs to be done, but imagine for a second that we managed to make the device and begin moving on to the game. You'd hit a wall. All this effort was put into making the device while the gaming aspect was left behind. I've mentioned in a few other threads that people need to look into the gaming side as well while the VR research is being conducted. The closest things we have to SAO would be Minecraft for the sheer size and procedural generation of the map, and Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls series for the immersive open-
  10. Allow me to save you some time on debating the dichotomy of "mind" and "brain" as I've already had a similar discussion with pgrmdave on this thread. If you're looking to talk about the utilization of the brain, it's likely best to leave the "mind" out of the conversation, as it isn't technically a physical thing.
  11. I think they're kind of cool personally, but I agree they destroy immersion. A good idea to build off of (in my opinion) would be something similar to what is seen in the anime "Konosuba -God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!" In the show, after arriving in the new world, the protagonists are given player/ guild cards, which they use to see available and current skills, status, titles, etc. If VR games followed this idea and adapted it, although it would still essentially be a menu, it wouldn't break immersion as badly as just a blatant floating menu.
  12. Well I believe the issue with avatars is specific to the activity you're engaging in. A perfect FDVR device would be reading brain signals as they are produced, so the need for a pre-configured avatar wouldn't be necessary unless something called for it. Though thinking about it, since your NerveGear-esque device would likely be hooked up to your computer, it could require you to make an avatar prior to your first dive to use for everything, and then create a game-specific avatar (or whatever you are making one for) when you first dive into a game. Think of it as the avatar for your specific d
  13. It's difficult to form ideas without either the device or public information regarding any testing should a prototype have miraculously been created already, so I drew the assumption strictly based on what I've read in the original FDVR topic thread (as I've been here a while) as well as any of those following it. It could be equally likely that our bodies may respond as though we are in a trance/ meditative state, under hypnosis or nothing like any of these. However, like the original, they are possibilities begot by the speculative discussions we've held. But I digress :) I definitely a
  14. First, let me state that this topic is carried out under the assumption that our bodies respond to a full-dive as though we are in stages 3 & 4 of deep sleep, otherwise known as REM, in both short-term and long-term use. That being said, if anyone has anything else to add, whether they concur with what I say or have input based on our bodies responding in a different manner, please feel free to contribute. Most of the references I will be making come from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, with any other sources being listed as needed. As most know, sleep is
  15. It has been a while since I last posted, but I wanted to bring up another issue specific to the gaming aspect of VR. A large portion of those who are interested in FD (or similar) technology likely wish to enjoy a game with the same scale and freedoms seen in SAO, but even if sufficient technology were available allowing us to delve into a fully virtual environment, any game that would be available would likely not stack up. I personally play MMOs, RPGs/JRPGs, F/TPSs and various simulation games (such as DayZ, Life is Feudal, even Minecraft), and of any game I've ever played, seen or hear
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