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  1. That is an entirely different issue, and has nothing to do with whether or not the Fed is a financial institution with economic purposes
  2. It would work for a very short time, but as the market became flooded with product they would devalue too much, and investors would essentially paying for labor that doesn't produce more than it costs. Your idea is actually part of Keynesian stimulus in times of recession, but only one part and there are much better to do it. Your idea would not benefit over the long term, but yes it would help during short term. However, it wouldn't be nearly as cost effective over the short term as what we've already been doing i.e. expanding unemployment insurance and shovel ready projects. Creating i
  3. What you're suggesting is to increase supply without increase in demand during a recession of depressed demand. Increasing supply like this would result in the market being flooded by product, thus reducing value, thus destroying investment, thus destroying wages, thus destroying the economy. What we're looking at in our situation is strawberry shortcake compared to what would happen if we increased supply three-fold. Your idea is already well understood, and is used when practical for reducing cost. This is an entirely different issue than our economic woes. Edit: Unemployment would d
  4. Not quite. This interdependency is to such a degree that it's not purely a creditor/debtor situation as the lay see it. We could default on China's credit and it would probably hurt them at least as much as us. The notion that it's cut and dry is misleading, and the notion that our being in debt to them is bad for us but not them is misleading. The Fed is an financial institution for economic purposes, and that has everything to do with government Economists developed more knowledge. There are a whole host of problems with backed currency instead of fiat currency. The lay tend to n
  5. So said Hoover as he and his followers turned a recession into a Great Depression Then FDR shows up and puts government to work and creates the strongest economy in all of history by far, strongest working class in all of history by far, and the longest period in US history without financial failures by far; and this period of absence of financial failures would be able to stretch on forever under FDR-based governmenting except the American people decided to allow the wealthy to fool them again and return us to the anti-middle class, boom/bust economy perpetuated since the rise of the nation
  6. The relationship is substantially more highly interdependent and nuanced than this suggests. And go against over a century of economic understanding? Destorying the fed is to economics what destroying the laboratory is to biology. Like usual, it's not THAT something is used, but HOW something is used
  7. I agree, yet I'm not isolating 'capable' with 'actual' since they are not mutually exclusive. US is a current huge economic power simply because of the numbers, but on the flip side, our capacity is very important since the likelyhood of it being actualized is huge. For example, I would bet very strongly that China and Japan economic elites are fully aware of the retarded US tax policy on the rich and the retarded us of revenue under Bush, but they're also aware of the Clinton policies that they were good and the FDR/Eisenhower policies that were much better, and they probably realize that w
  8. Conspiracy theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  9. From the looks of it, the law isn't obligatory since citizens can conscientiously object. Not sure what it takes to object, but a clause which includes the ability to opting out is not the mandatory situation I'm speaking of.
  10. Mandatory ownership or carry would have devastating impacts. Loads and loads of people are of low IQ and irresponsible, and you want to make sure they are armed and dangerous? You are probably right that crime would go down a ton, but that wouldn't make up for all the wariness and negligence most of us would have because we simply don't wanna carry or be around firearms. I mean, I love guns, LOVE them, but I definitely don't want to carry one on my person that often. I would be uncomfortable, and likelyhood of accidents would skyrocket, yet I'm a smart person with tremendous understandin
  11. It's fallacious to equate winning a Presidential campaign on a host of issues, most of which had nothing to do with firearms, and some which were huge deals, to winning a campaign against one of the supporters of the winner's opponent. I was being somewhat facetious. Back when this clip was out somebody joked to me that Biden said he was gonna shoot Obama if he tried to take his guns. Biden didn't say that, but given who Biden is and what he said, it was funny. Here's the clip YouTube - Biden and his Beretta http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcyLeOm6yGc&feature=related My overal
  12. 1. Deficit spending in face of demand-based recessions has been vindicated time and time and time again. Your dad's issue with it seems to be the current debt. My response is, not only is that not a problem, but we could have a much higher debt and it still wouldn't be a problem. Here's part of why Our debt/GDP ratio is smaller than a few other major nations, if there was a problem it would hit them long before it hits us; US T-bills are still considered the safest investment on the planet simply because of our colossal economic power and our ability to pay a debt down; Obama's policies a
  13. Those who say this need to touch up on a little history. Here's a nifty and interesting outline of the Great Depression timeline. Timeline of the Great Depression FDR did make some mistakes, but they are far overshadowed by all the awesome stuff he did. Really the only mistake he made that most people know about is cutting back spending in fear of budget deficit during '37, despite warnings from economists including Keynes whom I believe FDR claimed to not fully understand, and this causing another recession in midst of the recovery. But those who say FDR screwed up are not necessarily
  14. Pretty sure Democrats have finally realized that they cannot beat the gun lobby, and they have bigger fish to fry. So I suspect we will see very little anti-gun activity now and over the next several years. Also, didn't you hear that Biden gonna shoot Obama if he tries to take his guns?
  15. Jared Diamond is the man. Looking at a slightly different thing than this, as far as I see it, the transitioning to and from Egalitarian and Plutocratic policy in our already developed societies is a product of wealthy and powerful individuals misleading the public by pushing ignorance and making big deals out of little things.
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