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  1. Buffy , I have read those link. So what? There is NO EVIDENCE there UNLESS one already believe this non sense. And what about Vedic Math? Please be so smart to put your comments there, dumb Lady! Gee, who is this transvestite?
  2. Buffy, I really see a lot of prjection going on from you. Anyway SHOW ME That is ALL I ask! Nobody seems to be able to! oh and stop calling me DEAR! will you?! otherwise I will start calling you names as well! who the ****iing hell made this idiot admin???????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Say what??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Of course you have to prove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 BUT you can't, so now you have to rely on your 'common sense' Don't have to prove it??? Your laughable!!!
  4. Oh man o man, no dividing line? well. ok, now...prove it!!! If you wait long enough??? that isn't science mate, that is science fiction!
  5. Oh my! Again, you are mixing up micro with macro evolution.
  6. Sounds good eh? However, I will aks again, I need E V I D E N C E There is NONE So far, it is ONLY in the IMAGINATION of the evolutionist.
  7. VERY WELL PUT!! Well, need I say more? Let the case speak for itself. makes you wonder...
  8. Now, Can please someone calculate the equation of the line with points (5, 3) and (2, 7).? the conventional way. Then afterwards I will show the Vedic or Galactic math way.
  9. How silly you are EVIOLUTION should back this up! It simply can't. if there is no proof there is NO (macro) EVOLUTION!! Too simple eh?
  10. btw the best thing to do to understand Vedic maths is working with it. As long as ypu won't work with it, you can't appreciate the system. Only having criticism etc and not using it or try it, is not the way to go. Just use the system for a while However, I must also say that people who have studied mathematics ( i did!, most stupid thing I did in my life). will have more problems understanding it, because that stupid conventional system is in the way. At least at the beginning. So, I won't take any criticism serious from people who have leanerd math at university level;, because, they are n
  11. Ok, thanks mate! Much appreciated! But what a clumpsy mess it is! with of course with a great change of making lots of errors! This is how vedic Math works in this case: In the equation 1/(x+4) + 1/(x+3)=1/(x+2) + 1/(x+5) We see that the left hand side : x+4+x+3=2x+7 And at the right hand side:x+2+x+5=2x+7 Both the same! That means we can use the sutra: "When the samuccaya is the same that samuccaya is zero" That means 2x+7=0 2x=-7 x=-7/2 Voila! That is a LOT QUICKER than the conventional way! won't you say? And about wikipedia, well lets say it isn't as
  12. No problem at all. Point is, it is a bit off topic, mate. So, I won't do that here so I respect the people here.
  13. Interesteing. First you haven't researched this area but you already know it is speculation,?????????????????? Interesting, very interesting, mate. And a bit dumb I must say.
  14. That is a cheap shot,, mate! Why do you say that? I really mean every word I write here!
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