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  1. Dude, I didn't take a day off of work this week to beat mini golf so you could just make whatever score you want! :):):) Not fair!!! :evil::evil::evil:
  2. LOL...there is alot of +1 lives. I was telling freeze I had to kill myself just because I was so sick of playing. Actually to get the 86 million wasn't hard at all. About 15 min. The key to this game is to pick up the $ sign bags and add up the bonus then get 16x multipler. When you are getting 2,500,000 points for every guy you kill it gets up there fast! Your hexxagon score is awesome. I cannot touch it. I've got a new strategy of just trying to take all the pieces at the very beginning we will see if it works.
  3. I was so happy to see the Star Wars as well! :) Lets go with that one!
  4. Z, thanks for posting this and clearing up any confusion. You are absolutely correct. I found this graph which is helpful as well. I attached it to this message.
  5. Sorry distracting was not the right word. I was trying to say distracting in the since of you post somewhere like the political forum and then go off somewhere else and your thinking, "has someone repost since I left" and you go back. All I was basically trying to get at is what are the most popular/hot issues on hypography in your eyes. Sorry for the confusion!
  6. Does anybody play world of warcraft? I have fallen to my master. I cannot stop playing this game. It is effecting my life, work, etc. Do not play this game if you have not. :):) For those of you who have played please let me know!!! I need help!!! Seriously!!!
  7. I recently noticed that a majority of the most popular threads (they show up on the right of the screen when I sign in) have to do with specific topics. Please let me know which topics you think would be *MOST* popular on hypography. By most I mean the most distracting, irritable, you know the usual suspects that cause our moderators to devote a lot of attention to. :hihi::):hyper::hyper: Here is what I have so far. Please re-rank if you feel necessary. This is going to turn into a moderators soap box :hihi::):lol: 1) Theology 2) Politics 3) Environment 4) Social Sciences (I am groupi
  8. **PARANOID FEELING COMES OVER GRAINS** All of hypography is against me. Must play more acrade....yes must play more acrade....my precious....precious arcade. :):hyper::hyper:
  9. No. Sorry I WILL post facts for things that are unusual or would draw a curious eye but if you don't know this for yourself your going to have to go do a little research for yourself. How long have we had a deficit???? I don't buy into the crap like neo-liberal or neo-conservative. It's crap. It is liberal and its conservative. It was not a personal remark towards Reason or anyone else, a lot of these terms like this (neo-hippie, western world, neo-marxism, BARF!!!. I just hate all this crap the world comes out with. Liberal and Conservative are what defines it today. No reason t
  10. Absolutely agree. But let us remember the current deficit was not created all by this congress and president. I disagree with you here. Just because the government may get the money here does not mean it is spent here. Money in the hands of our government is a lost cause. Look at any major government project and they have a deficit. Government cannot be efficient. It needs competition. I myself lay more on the libertarian side on these issues. I like this diagram. Government Spending Diagram Agreed! The only part I disagree with is that they are not as bad as liberals.
  11. I wish I was an unemployed teenager!!! More time for hypography games!!! :hyper: :singer: :hyper: I have been playing games for a lonnnnng time and is by far my favorite pass time. That buggin game is by far the hardest one in the forum. I first started playing and was like how the heck did this guy get this score. Then I just kept on working with it. I think a little luck came into it as well with that game. If it makes anyone feel any better I stayed home today because I was on to late playing all these games! :D
  12. I am sorry but your comment really astonishes me. First, personally I care about a hundred dollars. A hundred dollars compounded annually at 8% over 30 years adding an additional $100 each year comes out to over $12,000. That is one hell of trip traveling the world when I retire. :singer: Second, the overall impact is what we have to look at not just if you care as an individual about losing $100. The overall tax revenue from the government increases filtering it into a lost system instead of keeping it in the hands of Americans who could pump it back into the economy. It is not just t
  13. So if Obama now supports the pipeline in Alaska and Obama is sent from God, then it really is God's will..:singer::hyper::singer::hyper::D:hihi: Sorry I had to throw in a little humor!
  14. On January 1st 2006 was an important day for baby boomers. It begins an extended cycle of a baby boomer turning 60 every 7.7 seconds. Now that the largest group in America is heading into retirement and only about 60% of these individuals feel "retirement ready" we have to examine Obamas' intended increase of the capital gains rate. The market is hurting. Financials and real estate are down. Yield curves in the fixed income market are in disarray and two of the largest holders of mortgages and providers of fixed income are financially tapped. Now is not the time to be raising capital g
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