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  1. eh, i have been published, but i'll put a few up on here later
  2. um, it's in it's really basic stage, so i can't offer any evidence to support this, unfortunately, but my previous post was incorrectly stated. here's how it's supposed to be. since achieving the speed of light is impossible, the object, would have to be transfered to another plane of exsistence. briefly. once again, this is barely in my commitee's agenda.
  3. simple, the fact that light has a speed, it's commonly known. so, what happens when you reach that speed? simple, the object in question becomes the width of the the universe and then in turn, it can go ANYWHERE, ANYWHEN. because of space-time. time is relative to space as space is relative to time. if anyone could reach that speed s/he would be transfered to another dimension instead of returning to this one,. think of light speed as a "bridge" between demensions since the space between dimensions is pure chaos, achieving the speed of light is impossible. this is my theory. the chaos void wou
  4. chaos i believe is not a measurable energy, or in any actual form of measurable substance. it is, in, theory, just a zone of unpridictable nothingness, where the laws of physics doesn't apply, anything can happen. there is no up, there is no down, there is not any direction. the space between dimensions ,or is it realities?, is the "void" or "chaos" in speaking.
  5. thanks guys but like i said. i'm not that physics smart or that coordinated with my hands.
  6. if you killed your grand father, then you would not exist in the first place, therefore you could not go back in time to kill said grandfather...ect. simple solution: time is a circle looping back in on it's self. therefor what any one person has done to effect the circle doesn't change the circle in any way, it was meant to happen and nothing could prevent it from happening. it has already happened before. :bouquet::(:hihi:
  7. ****, when was this discovered? i've been out of the loop longer than i thought.
  8. um yeah that patent thing looks like it could do the trick. but i have no shop capablitlies at all. i'm not goo at making stuff. just coming up with the ideas.
  9. cool. so whats that mean? i'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but i can still chop down trees. if you catch my drift.
  10. quick question. where's the hell is this 'super earth', this gilese?
  11. nice, didn't think of that. um...so far i've been getting my ideas from Air Gear.(they have a step by step construction animation of the roller blades. so, besides that all i've thought up for using a motorized roller skate is making a mini turbine and small turbine tunnels throughout the base of the roller blade. then, when you get up to speed you hit the turbine switch with your toe or something and the turbine pulls the air through the tunnels and pushes the accelerated air out the back torwards the ground, pushing the rider faster than before. it's a bit more complicated than that but that
  12. yeah, i think using a denser variant of rubber might do, but also the brakes used in cars use steel instead of rubber. bikes are all mechanical energy (gears and pulleys) they're a reletevly simple machine. but once you put a motor of any sorts in a machine it requires a lot more braking power to stop. so even if the motor is small, i'd think that there should be two types of braking systems friction brakes(bikes and cars) and the frontwheel backspin.
  13. yeah i was thinking of using a 2:1 gear ratio so they could both move, also i was thinking that the front wheel should be able to spin backwards for a brake instead if using the traditional holding brake. as for the motor idea do you know where i could find one?
  14. i've seen the goller blades and the ones powered by a electric drill. also the ones that adam made on mythbusters. so, thanks for your help and if you need anything ask, i'll try helping.
  15. hey i'm new but i'm trying to build a pair of motorized roller blades. any ideas?
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