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  1. DARWINISM IS ON THE RETREAT, AND IS NO LONGER IN A POSITION TO DECEIVE THE WORLD! Darwinism suggests that transitional fossils exist when they do not ... It offers invalid proofs ... Although all the fossils discovered clearly verify creation it maintains the exact opposite ... It seeks to have people believe that artists, scientists and professors could come into being as the result of chance, by way of proteins, the chances of which themselves coming into existence by chance are 1 in 10950, in other words "an impossibility." It even seeks to convince people that the professors who thus eme
  2. Idealism The Philosophy Of The Matrix IDEALISM THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE MATRIX AND THE TRUE NATURE OF MATTER Do i see the bright and colorful world in my dark brain? spamlink removed
  3. The evolutionary theory is not supported by science; it is trying to be lived against science. Science proves God. spam link removed
  4. sources Edit: Links removed by Tormod. Please do not post links without an explanation of why they are related to our discussion. Refer to our FAQ for more info.
  5. http://www.evidencesofcreation.com The evolutionary theory is not supported by science; it is trying to be lived against science. Science proves God.
  6. http://www.www.secretbeyondmatter.com All events and objects that we encounter in real life-buildings, people, cities, cars, places-in fact, everything we see, hold, touch, smell, taste and hear-come into existence as visions and feelings in our brains.
  7. I believe people are in search of believing something that's why this kind of unrealistic beliefs like reincarnation occur. QUOTE: Some people believe they will find the happiness and peace of mind they are looking for in religions such as Hinduism or Buddhism. Many people have been influenced by these eastern religions because of their aura of mystery and mysticism, and because they make use of techniques such as meditation, and because of the unusual attitudes, dress, manner of speech and religious practices of those who follow them. However, although religions like Hinduism and Buddhi
  8. armegedon, the war which is said to finish the continuity of the World. There is an oracle like this… Well, in fact oracles are not needed to believe… On the other hand, the world is getting worse... What do you think will happen?
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