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  1. I need help here. I am working on some amusement park project where a lot of water is involved i.e. coming down from slides and then we have to lift it above 100 feet height for some other boating and amusement rides, etc. Anyhow we have main pool on ground where all water is collected. Like 50x50x10 feet = 25,00 square feet. Around 20,000 gallon per minute is coming into this pool and then flowing out via small canals. So when amusement park is working then this is continuous cycle i.e. 20,000 gallon per minute water coming in central pool and 20,000 gallon per minute is flowing outsi
  2. Hi, There is big roller coaster loop 100% round and vehicles are moving in this circular path, I want to calculate how much force will be required to move these vehicles. Circle path diameter: 100 meter Time: 1 round completed in 15 minutes 1 vehicle mass: 1,000 kg Total Vehicles: 50 All vehicles are tied with each other just like train or roller coaster cars. What force will be required to move these vehicles at required speed i.e. 1 round completed in 15 minutes. What's equation and how to solve it. Please help me Robert
  3. Hi guy, Please help me to understand that which forces help car still running even after switching off ignition or fan keep circulating even switching off button. Thank you Robert
  4. Thank you for posting. 1. Here is link of London Eye information page http://www.londoneye.com/LearningAndDiscovery/Education/TeacherResource/OnlineResource/Main.html Click on "Reference Material" and then "Vital Statistics" and then "Speed". Rotational Motion = Water wheel I think you are calculating required power as to rotate water wheel assuming weight of water, etc. However exact power to rated water wheel loaded with water buckets can't be calculated until we do calculation as per rotational motion rules. After all water wheel is circulation around axis. So in your given equations
  5. Hi CraigD, I am really thankful that you are helping me regarding my project. 1. London Eye total power might be 500KW but driven power is 150KW as I read from their official website. 2. As you mentioned to find KW, here I am giving example of 1 bucket, please let me know if that is true. 1 Water bucket metal weight = 100 kg 1 One bucket water weight = 6000 kg Total weight = 6100 kg Gravity = 10 m/s/s Height/distance = .452 meter Time = 1 second Power: 5,514 watts (5.5KW) Above is 1 bucket example that moves up after filling bucket. So one bucket moves .452 meter in 1 second. Is t
  6. Another question how London Eye 1300 ton wheel is rotated by 150KW motor? What's science behind this? Robert
  7. @ CraigD Thank you for replying and helping me to understand all this. I have one question, will not "circular motion", "centripetal force" or some other forces will not help when big wheel is moving rotating. For example if you ask 2 people to lift 2 ton car might be they can't but if they try to push the car they can push. Now weight is same but due to circular motion there is some help. What do you say about this? I was thinking that circular motion and some other things will help here. Robert
  8. I have one amusement park project where I need to lift heavy water at 200 feet height during amusement park time. Water may be like like 100,000-150,000 liter in one second from the ground pool where water will come back after processed in amusement rides/work etc. I was searching on net to find ways to lift water and I found these ancient time water wheels "norias of hama syria".http://www.machinerylubrication.com/Read/1294/noria-historyI search how much big pumps I needed to lift this water and I found this general formula. Pump HP = (height in feet * water flow in gallon per minute)/3960
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