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  1. I tend to not use Wikipedia as my only source of information on a subject because it is only as good as the writer's knowledge. Some of the writers are not as knowledgeable as they should be and therefore don't really give you complete or accurate information. I usually click on the references as well, sometimes getting better information from the reference than the article itself.
  2. That's funny Buffy, the other day I was eating dinner at my Italian friend's house and she was serving pork chops and rabbit. I mentioned that I didn't like the taste of rabbit and she said it tastes like chicken. No it does not, I've tasted it before and it doesn't taste like chicken.
  3. Is intelligence inherited genetically from your parents or is it knowledge that you pick up along the way and the way you use that knowledge? Some people say it's your education that gives you intelligence but I've talked to people who never graduated high school and are more intelligent than some university students I know.
  4. Sounds kind of like a Star Trek device that they used to scan their people's health, PiSquare, It will be wonderful when they come up with a pocket held MRI or ultrasound that you run over a body and it immediately gives you a reading.
  5. We didn't vaccinate our daughter when it came around. This was the first time it was offered and I didn't know enough about the effects of the vaccine and what it actually did protect them from. Looking into it I found it only protected them from certain forms of HPV. and our age group of girls would be the "trials" so to speak. I seriously don't know how so many of us survived all these years without half the vaccines they get now. Now that she is older she has the choice of getting the vaccine or not.
  6. The scanner obviously can't pick up things hidden under or in a low cabinet or behind close doors, so that is one downfall. I imagine they could probably recreate the scene with a 3D printer to bring to court. I think it is amazing how science manages to come up with new things. When you think they can't possibly think of anything else out comes a new gadget to make life simpler.
  7. I've never heard of an aneurysm from being constipated and pushing. Hemmorhoids can be a nasty by-product of constipation and pushing to try to eliminate the waste. I've had those before and they make going to the bathroom painful. I find oatmeal seems to do the trick or high fibre cereal on a daily basis. Make sure you drink a lot of water, it helps loosen stool as well.
  8. Neuroscientists are well on their way to creating a computer chip that can be implanted in the brain. This would aid people who have had brain damage from a stroke or accident. Although it is still in the future, the scientists believe it could well be developed in 10 years. It sounds like something out of science fiction but there are actually people who have computer chips in their brains today. These chips stimulate the brain to help people with Parkinson's disease and epilepsy.
  9. That is really cool! Our neighborhood store has automatic doors that never seem to work. The outside door will open and I find myself standing in front of the interior door with nothing happening. When did I get so lazy that I wait a few minutes expecting it to open before I just push it open?
  10. My daughter has had the same English teacher for two years. This man makes learning a fun experience for his students. He acts out storylines in books, even has them do it and he is always laughing and cheery. If a child doesn't understand something he will take the time to explain it. He has no problem admitting when he is wrong and the student is right. Teachers need to make learning interesting for children.
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