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  1. Ecoglite, it seems your experience has differed significantly from mine. I know many, many people who have been marginalized by doctors, people who have been dismissed or told their symptoms are all in their heads. You have honestly never heard a single complaint? Perhaps this is a gender issue, then. I work with pregnant women and have been astonished over and over, not just by the stories they tell, but by what I've witnessed in regard to how they are treated by medical professionals. If ever there was a time to listen to your patient, it is when a process is taking place inside her about
  2. How many of you have ever been told by a doctor that you should "stay off the internet" in terms of researching health matters? I am surprised to still be hearing this sentiment. I recognize that there are some people who look at two or three sites with basic information and freak out, assuming they have 15 different diseases. But many, many people have figured out their own medical mysteries when doctors were not able to do so. I have a friend whose sister-in-law took her child to several doctors in an effort to diagnose an unusual constellation of symptoms. She was treated as if she was a
  3. Please don't misunderstand. In no way do I believe that the coming changes have already arrived, been perfected. They are in their infancy. It is sort of like looking at Juno in 1997 and predicting that email will never replace snail mail, because it takes people far too long to get their email on dial-up, to look at the current incarnation of on-line learning as it stands now and declare it already tried and discardable. I also don't believe online learning will completely replace in-person learning. But the current higher educational system will have to make changes in the future. Oh, an
  4. You must have a good bit more faith in institutionalized higher education than I have. I am guessing you assume the only alternative to an overpriced education is an online degree. There are so many more paradigms incubating right now. Do you know how many excellent (and extremely pricey) colleges are experimenting, for instance, with offering many of their classes online for free? Stanford and MIT are two in the game. And that is just one example.
  5. Who do you think make up government, the scientific community, or religious leadership? People. It is always curious to me when people lose trust in their fellow citizens to make decisions for themselves, but don't seem to see that those in power are no more or less human than the people whose lives they "should" be running. If I cannot be trusted to make decisions about my own life, what makes me qualified to run yours, simply because I got elected? We will never be able to create total safety. And research reaffirms that we should not be seeking total safety, that too little risk taking ru
  6. Mental illness explains some actions like this, of course. But florid psychosis is unlikely over such a long period of time. There are some cases when exisiting understanding of mental illness cannot explain the unimaginable actions of others. I believe that most destructive acts are accomplished in an attempt to assuage the wounds in our own hearts. People will go to nearly any length to relieve psychic pain that they can't get away from. Some people are so broken as to have traveled deep into a path of selfishness that ends with hurting a lot of people.
  7. I've been predicting it for years, and now many others are starting to speak about the new day that is dawning in education. Yes, public schools are still engaging in their eternal struggle to turn out educated graduates, though one can easily argue that was never the goal of mass compulsory schooling from the start. However, many people are starting to see that their education is truly in their own hands. The internet is changing how we view our options. The college inflation bubble will burst, just as the markets crashed and the housing bubble popped. Why should people be saddled with de
  8. I'll have to go back and read more carefully, because I missed this argument. I stated that I have worked directly with disenfranchised populations. While it may be true that an infinitesimal number of people literally cannot get an ID, having worked with people who lived under bridges and people who, as I said, were insitutionalized, and were still able to manage to have the documents necessary for daily life. In fact, at a few of my positions, it was part of my job to make sure my clients were able to obtain those documents. If living on the streets does not preclude a great number of pe
  9. Ender's Game was wonderful, but not the masterpiece the book is. I concur with my son's analysis. He pointed out that so much of the delight of the book is witnessing the internal mechanisms of Ender's throught processes and growth. So while the book is very character driven, the movie is almost exclusively action driven. It is understandable; what screenwriter could resist the lure of the climactic battle as the cornerstone of the action? Yet the defining event of the book is the betrayal and triumph Ender experiences as a result of the battle. All that said, the production value was excell
  10. Let's take this discussion in a different direction. Every liberal I've met who decries the notion of requiring something as basic as a photo ID has relied on the statistic that shows that, why, voter fraud isn't even an issue! Yet, a deeper look into that oft-quoted research result provides some interesting context. The government study that was done examined only cases in which charges had been brought and someone had been convicted of voter fraud. Indeed, these numbers are low. However, using other methods yeilds a pretty good estimation that voter fraud is far more rampant than convictio
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