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  1. Step it up, haha. I think that's an interesting link. How could it not be linked directly to being much more active than we usually are? Cardiovascular exercise of all kinds has been shown to improve overall health, hasn't it?
  2. What does everyone think about the increasing uses of drones all around the world? Being used for everything from surveillance to photography, it seems that they can serve some good purposes. But does anyone worry about the whole "Big Brother" vs. privacy aspect of drones?
  3. I agree with Buffy, not only is this not the first time, but we seem to have this theory that "the U.S. doesn't negotiate with terrorists", when indeed this has happened all throughout history. Personally, I think that Obama had a target on his back as soon as he took office. I distinctly remember thinking that the poor guy has zero chances of living up to the hype when he was elected.
  4. Thanks Craig! I find that link you posted to the list of organisms named after famous people fascinating! It makes me wonder what the criteria is for naming something after someone. I get some of the names, like Agra schwarzeneggeri, but then there are others and I am left to wonder why Jimmy Fallon has something named after him. Or if the spider that was named after Angelina Jolie had a *reason* to get that name, like uber full lips? ;)
  5. It's such an interesting topic, the tough thing is that I don't think we will figure this out anytime in the near future. I'm sure you know the theories range from random brain misfires to hallucinations to a dreamlike state when the brain creates scenarios based on memories. Before we start to understand it better, I think there needs to be much more work on brain mapping at the time of death, which is a touchy subject.
  6. Celestia


    You have some really great points, the biggest one being that the changes weren't long lasting. I find it fascinating that there seemed to be such a powerful resistance to his ideals during his life and then such a quick return to them after his death. In my mind, this is one of the signs that he was either a heretic or a pioneer of his time.
  7. Wow, how interesting! It is rather amazing to think of how this could have been affecting studies for so many years. And that if this is present for mice, what other animals have been affected by this in the testing environment?
  8. Totally agree with you PiSquare. It feels very odd to experience the different things that go through me when I read about the book. But honestly, I actually get it on some weird level. Not sure I would tell too many people that though. ;)
  9. Haha, this is SO true! Smugness, I am not so sure about, but I do think it's possible to learn from other's mistakes. Or perhaps identify the possible outcomes from said actions. The likelihood is that with repeated actions, the outcomes would be similar. So I think we can learn from other's mistakes.
  10. I completely agree with everything that Craig said and I think it's just a matter of how long you have been practising, that's all. We may or may not have natural proficiencies with instruments, but you have likely been whistling your whole life. If you were to study an instrument for the same period of time, you would be quite good at it, I would think.
  11. Wow, super interesting! Speaking of prosthesis, etc., I remember hearing about the first 3D printers and my husband and I said to each other, they will be able to make so many things with this, like guns, construction components and body parts! I'm also not sure that I want to bother being here long enough to need additions to whatever the Universe gave me, if it would be just to extend my life? No thanks...
  12. I faced multiple challenges as a teacher in a University, in Central American country. I was teaching students who would eventually be teaching English in primary schools (provided they PASSED my course). One of the challenges I had was that so many of my students weren't even at the academic level of English themselves to be able to grasp much of the materials in the course load. Here's the issue - if a student doesn't do well in a prerequisite (repeatedly), then a reasonable "fine" would be paid to the Uni and the student would be allowed to move forward in classes. This resulted in a classr
  13. We continue to face the same lesson, obstacle, challenge over and over until we learn the meaning behind it and clearly grasp the truth of the lesson. This is part of the human experience. However, a place does exist in which we can deny the effect of external influence/stimuli over our internal climate. Only by discipline and habit can we learn to do that, but it is possible.
  14. http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/180571-google-invents-smart-contact-lens-with-built-in-camera-superhuman-terminator-like-vision-here-we-come Google has been working on this project for a while. A contact lense that would assist not only visually disabled people and diabetics but would also have camera capabilities. Would you use such a contact? All my life I have thought, "I wish I could take a picture right this second!" and not been equipped. Do you think there could be any moral dilemmas with something like this?
  15. Really interesting thought C1ay, what's your basis for thinking that we are born with only 2 basic fears? I would be very interested in hearing where that comes from. I would think that evolutionary fears such as extinction (why our heart rate increases when our babies cry) would make the lists of fears we're "born" with...
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