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  1. What is you favorite sci fi movie? What's the last good one you watched? I haven't gone to see or rented a sci fi movie in a couple years. What would you recommend?
  2. I think the only food on the list that I can eat as a diabetic is the orange so why don't I have more appetite control? I do like the example of filling half your plate with veggies and the bottom with processed food. I always forget about the veggies and just have the processed food.
  3. Their ways were prehistoric because that is the era they were born into. A neanderthal baby would be raised by human parents and would develop like a human child.
  4. As Turtle's quote states, weather predicting is applying science to predict. Although there are psychics out there who want us to believe that predictions are exact but in actuality they are just a guess.
  5. Most nights I can survive on 4 hours sleep.In fact, if I try to get more than that I usually end up tossing and turning and getting up with less energy than I had when I went to sleep. I do have periods of insomnia occasionally and also have days when I can sleep for a full eight hours. Normally, though my body awakens on it's own after 4 hours.
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