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  1. Pulsar (a type of neutron star) PSRJ1748-2446ad spins at 24% the speed of light. Also, it is very dense, so it has a significant gravitational field that doesn't let you fly off into space if you are on the surface. So, would the relativistic effects add up if someone was on the surface? Also, in the perspective of the star, will it age (and eventually die) much later because of its own gravity and velocity?
  2. I just thought it'd be relevant. I am not in development team and make no money, so I don't have an interest in advertising
  3. It is a pretty popular gravity simulator. You can, for example, change the massof the Sun and watch the solar system objects having a shorter orbit. You can create your own star systems, etc... This new version has more features, like improved collisions, climate simulations, youcan terraform planets etc. It surprises me people here don't know US
  4. It's still the Alpha version, but it will be automatically updated as new versions are available. I thought it would be of interest to some. Check out the new features and more:http://universesandbox.com/2/
  5. it is meant to be bad english. google search a polandball comic and see how they are written.
  6. Many of you must be familiar with polandball comics. Well, I decided to make particleball comics, where balls represent the subatomic particles of the standard model I've created two comics to get things going. Upquark is sad Tiny but heavy (it may be hard for some people to understand this one) what do you think?
  7. Whoops. I meant "18" years old. and thanks, gregb. (wow you're an admin and only have 69 posts)
  8. Hi. I'm a 28 year old dude from Brazil. I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy my stay! cb (edit: Oh, I'm disappointed that there isn't a forum here about physics or astronomy. It is on PF only :/)
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