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  1. Exactly! It is assumed that humanity has an innate knowledge of 'good' and 'evil' and would therefore use technology for the good of humankind. However, as is painfully evident and clearly visible, not all technology is used for this 'good'. The question thus arises: "Is the innate knowledge of 'good' and 'evil' a fallacy, do people deliberately choose to use technology for 'evil' purposes, or both?"
  2. Apparently jellyfish salad is also a Chinese wedding banquet favourite. About twelve jellyfish varieties with firm bells are considered edible. The tentacles are stripped, mucous membranes are scraped, and then the jellyfish are soaked in brine for a few days where after it is dried. One adventurous eater described a cold shredded jellyfish appetizer as "wetly crunchy, in the way of those seaweed salads you find at sushi restaurants", and "it had more texture than the word 'jelly' evokes, yet, I wouldn't call it chewy".
  3. I just read an interesting newsflash. A total of 406 jellyfish stings were reported by the Volutia Country's Safety Ocean Rescue. These stings happened on Saturday and Sunday off New Smyrna Beach in Florida. I wanted to know why so many jellyfish were gathered in a group and found an article in which was mentioned that scientists believe the increase in jellyfish numbers may be attributed to additional nutrients in the water, climate change or even fishing along the coastlines. Some researchers are concerned that the increased numbers of jellyfish could compete for food resources with fish and
  4. "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake" - Napolean Bonaparte "In Politics, stupidity is not a handicap" - Napolean Bonaparte "There is a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure truth" - Maya Angelou "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" - Carl Sagan "If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research, would it?" - Albert Einstein
  5. So true arissa. Interestingly, our GP does not belong to a medic aid. He runs a private practice and to use his own words: "No patients, no income". When he is ill or not able to see patients for some reason, he needs to bring in another doctor whom he has to pay a fixed rate per day. Also, he serves both more and less affluent communities. He drives a new Mercedes-Benz and has a lovely house, thus his income is significant, I would presume.
  6. It is official - Chinese material scientists created a graphene aerogel which is the world's lightest material to date. It is seven times lighter than air and 12 percent lighter than aerographite, the previous record holder. A cube of graphene aerogel can balance on a blade of grass or on a dandelion seed head.
  7. Well, the advantage of a silver plated external hard drive is that you (i) can see the photographer who took the picture, (ii) can see that the computer on the table next to the hard drive is nothing out of the ordinary, and (iii) will always be able to see who sneaks up on you from behind while you are working so that no-one can throw a proverbial curve ball at you (no pun intended).
  8. I found this fascinating picture of one of the latest 2014 technology gadgets while browsing through The Telegraph website. It has 1TB of memory and costs $490 (which is not cheap for an external hard drive), but the design sure is stunning.
  9. When I hear the words drone and Big Brother used together in one sentence, I do not think of the US$99 MeCams. What goes through my mind is a lightweight, dark, completely silent, flat-shaped, hi-tech object quietly hovering around while gathering information or "spying on" pre-determined targets. This can probably partially be attributed to my ignorance on drones, but the media plays a huge role in creating this image of drones.
  10. The unfortunate news is that 'Big Brother' is in any case watching us, drones or no drones. Also, drones have been in use for quite some time already; the man on the street was only made aware of this technology at the huge drone 'exhibition' in Paris last year.
  11. In an informal discussion on 3D technology earlier today, someone in my group mentioned another function of a 3D scanner. Apparently bodies can be scanned to detect possible causes of death which is especially useful in a crime situation. It is probably not the same 3D laser scanner used to capture a crime scene, but rather a similar device specifically designed for scanning human and animal bodies. Interesting concept for sure (if this is indeed true).
  12. My first though when I read about the water mite being named after J-Lo was that the mite probably has a firm, prominent and cute behind. On a more serious note, I can understand why a newly discovered wasp was named after Harry Potter 'dementors'. Maybe the celebrity-named species display some characteristics of these famous people, or maybe the celebs simply have enough money to buy themselves a 'species legacy' to leave behind.
  13. I saw the last few seconds of a news clip today in which a reporter gave an exciting summary of agents with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation now having access to 3D laser scanners to help them record and construct complex crime scenes. The scanner rotates 360 degrees to capture the crime scene from all angles and perspectives. This technology sounds promising and I do believe it could lead to more accurate depictions of crime scenes and the elimination of impossible scenarios as provided by accused persons and/or witnesses who would want to deceive the jury. But, I still need to get my m
  14. Very interesting indeed. This information could re-ignite the academic debate on the accuracy of Wikipedia and whether it should be used and trusted as a source of referencing in scientific article writing. The advice given to scientific writers to date is to back up a Wikipedia citing with at least one other scientifically accredited or recognized source.
  15. While Buffy reasoned with both feet firmly on the ground, Dumbass Pinky flew over the cuckoo's nest. Yet, both arguments make sense... and I can see the logic (or craziness perhaps?) in both. Thus, being the proverbial Libra, I am still tipping the scales from a firmly grounded "no WW III" to Pinky's "taking over the world". Maybe balancing the scales is simply another way of sitting on the fence...
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