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  1. Because there is a good number of young 20 somethings out there who equate the amount of their debt to success. The more debt they have, the more successful they are because they are so deeply involved in the financial aspect of society. I'm serious, that's how some people think. Online learning will grow more in the years to come and I for one like the idea.
  2. We're humans Turtle, we're allowed to be incredulous about something we find personally repulsive. You may not agree with that, but that doesn't make my feelings any less true or valid. What were you saying about incredulity? Craig, you could very well be right about the decline in immoral and legally unacceptable behaviour, but I would have to see proof of that from sources who have no financial gain in publishing reports of that nature. I'm skeptical, but not to the point where I will never believe that I'm wrong about something. My views about this are based on what I have seen in real
  3. Merriam-Webster has updated their dictionary to reflect the addition of over 150 new words to the English vocabulary. Take a look for yourself and see how you feel about their additions: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/merriam-websters-collegiate-dictionary-updated-140000982.html I think slang words like "Yooper" need to be excluded as I see no constructive use in learning it.
  4. Everything else about your response to mine notwithstanding for the time being, (I do plan on getting back to it) how on earth does a woman have 7 babies without anyone, not even the father(s), knowing about it? Please explain to me how someone can be pregnant for a total of close to 2 years of their life with absolutely no one knowing about this? It boggles my mind that in a society as advanced as ours, we can permit 7 newborns to be brought into this world unnoticed and then killed. That's about the most barbaric and uncivilised thing I can think of.
  5. Yeah........I know. It's just that I get tired of seeing it. I get in a mood sometimes where I would be willing to accept anything that would make the worst of the worst just go away. I just feel that humanity is wasting so much of its potential by letting people do what they will for the sake of personal freedoms. It seems as if with each generational pass, all of these different "experiments" regarding different lifestyle options, choices and freedoms, we are putting ourselves on a lower vibration so to speak. As if we're devolving somehow.
  6. I'll have to make this quick. When it comes to social issues I lean very heavily towards socialism. My reasons for this are not borne of political ideologies or religious affiliations. They are borne of real life experiences through 2 decades of adulthood that have shown me that most people, by and large, are not capable of making productive decisions that concern their own lives......all on their own. They need the government, or scientists, or religious leaders to tell them how they should feel, how they should act and how they should view important social topics. They will drill it into peo
  7. Do you believe that having a positive attitude can help keep you from getting sick? I'm not really talking about your average, run-of-the mill, daily positive attitude either. I'm talking about an attitude to where you let the hard times just roll off your shoulders and you keep going. Where adversity is just another reason to stay positive. Where other peoples negative perceptions of you is another reason to stay positive. You stay realistic about what you can do and who you can do it with, but you don't let hardships and setbacks get you negative. You keep a positive attitude. Do you think
  8. This is one of those questions that you don't want to hear someone answer to where it makes sense. All I know is that women like that shouldn't be breeding, and our society is way too lax in correcting behaviour that we know will lead to the injuries and deaths of the innocent.
  9. If it ever gets out of the lab into the market, it should be sold only to the visually impaired. The privacy of other people would be a great risk if just anyone could have them simply because of the camera feature.
  10. All this new technology is good and I hope it can be beneficial, but could someone please re-name it? Whenever I see the term "3-D Printer" I picture a printer, you know, the kind that prints paper, spitting out a usable gun and it doesn't register.
  11. Change can take on many forms If what you get was not what you expected, That's okay, today is another day born Make the best from what yesterday rejected http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmxGbgkkODE Good visuals and good music Good stuff.
  12. Well, it's been fun boys and girls, Erring on the side of caution here, my time here may be extremely limited in the days to come because of work obligations. I may have to relocate to points east of where I currently live. Negotiations are still going on, so this may be subject to change. I first heard this song in a library in Weisbaden Germany in the spring of '83. I was an expat of sorts.(Headphones were provided) When it finished, I took the headphones off and heard guitar playing coming through an open window where I was sitting. I asked the person sitting 2 seats down from me,where th
  13. For Turtle, sorry I don't have links of research papers that led me to this question, it's just something I've been wondering about for a long time now. We humans seem to be very good at evolving in terms of making new stuff for us to use under the guise of making our lives easier. We don't, however, have a good track record of evolving into a species that knows what peace is for the purpose of making our lives better. Why do you think this is? Are we born to lose or do we just not try hard enough?
  14. Well, I for one think it's an interesting topic and I don't believe he wants us to do his homework for him. (If he does, I hope he gets an "F".) Picture a caveman looking at 10 different animals. He has 10 different visuals so it's natural to assume he will have 10 different "grunts" associated with each visual. Cavemen were human so they too had an inborn desire to learn and evolve. This desire led to a refinement of the "grunts" so they were easier to understand as the caveman started to see more and more animals. There's a lot out there. How the does the old saying go?.......Necessity is
  15. Quite possibly the best love song ever written. This and "Straight Outta Time". Yes, we're both Hoosiers, but that isn't my bias. He's unique. Been in a Hiatt mood lately.
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