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  1. When it comes to debates about religion, many people just don't do their homework. You can spout off just about anything and while you may think you are right, most of the time you are not backing up what you say with any proof. Another thing I notice is most of these debates end up being very passionate, which is great, but you gotta bring the facts too.
  2. Deepwater6 yes it was but I would not trade it for anything. The only thing that is still really odd is that I am a "night hawk", I do so much better if I can sleep during the day and get more done during the night. With kids that is a tricky monster to try and tackle. I have noticed as I age I can make myself sleep as a normal time, for most of a normal nights sleep but I have to workout during the day on top of everything else to wear down both my body and mind in order to sleep "when its normal to sleep" (at night). Last night I had about 6 hours or so and that has been pretty common lately
  3. arissa

    Lizards Tails

    Yes, somewhat. I was kind of shocked because I thought this was "old news", we knew how it was done but we just had no way to reproduce the same thing in humans (say those who have lost a limb for anything from diabetes to a war hero). The article I read talked about how they were using gene sequencing technology in order to try and learn more, then mentioned it had more to do with embryonic development. I am hoping they can dig a little further into this because I could see all types of medical breakthroughs if we could find a way to replicate it in humans.
  4. People used excuses, they just had no real truth to it. I think the only thing that might work is living in the far off woods without transportation and you were one of the people who live off the land and off the grid. That is not really an excuse either, it is a personal choice.
  5. arissa

    Lizards Tails

    I was skimming over this and I guess I might be out of the loop but I thought we already knew this? Was it really a mystery? Did we just know they did it or did we have any idea how it happens? The story is pretty brief with what they say. Does anyone here work a field that could shed some light on it?
  6. We had a coffee catastrophe and ours died. Now I don't really drink coffee all that much anymore but my spouse does and while we got a quick replacement I am actually looking for "something better". Can anyone suggest a reasonably priced machine that does all of the wonders a true coffee fanatic would want?
  7. Sometimes the last thing I need to do is actually open my mouth and speak something to someone. I tend to size things up pretty quick similar to what Elisa mentioned. You don't always need words, or even a randon glance. Sometimes you just know because you know and I have no idea how to describe that.
  8. I think it is a bit of both, Kurt Lewin gets into this pretty well too. For me I do agree that you can't "fix stupid" but many people are totally fine going about their day in their little daze. Those who have the urge to better themselves who have the means to do so, normally will. I think you really need the drive too, if you don't have that then you are just going to lack like most expect you to.
  9. I had a roomate years ago who dated a girl from Russia and while English was her second language she spoke it better than he could when she tried to teach him her native language. From what I hear it is pretty hard to do but as a challenge goes it might be worth it (if you can fit it into your lifestyle).
  10. I could only do this for a short time as a child, both with the piano and the cello. I almost wish I kept at both but I grew out of it. As a kid we can pick up things much easier than we can as an adult, if I tried now I would just look like a fool. Plus my hearing is going in one ear.
  11. My doctor is around my age and has two kids of his own, he also has no problem being totally truthful to his patients. When I came in for posion ivy last year he ended up getting it about a week proir to my visit. He also said that while he is a doctor by trade, he is also a normal person which some patients tend to forget. We went in for a double physical (myself and spouse) and we were talking about all sorts of things from paying off big bills to expensive exercise equipment and taking a day off when you are actually sick. We need to remember they are (mostly) normal people too.
  12. is anyone aware of any news in this area? I was reading that usually when a man has this issue it ends up being a lifelong battle dealing with either treatments similar to the patch, injections or even pills. Are there any ways to treat this in a natural way rather than pharmaceutical?
  13. Did anyone else go through this and read wondering if the chimp just left the sample over a bed of rocks? I guess I am really thinking outside the box or the fact that Monday blues has really kicked in. What if the chimp just managed to find a rock, realized it was harder than anything else around and starting to "play" with it, similar to most do when we see them out in a natural habitat?
  14. There is no tick tock here, I stopped at two because I had one of each and I was content with that as my growing family. It does not need to grow any larger. Not all females want to be a mother, until I was actually pregnant with my first the thought never crossed my mind except to remind me that I did not in fact want to be one. When is breeding not a conscious decision? Other than in the case of rape that is the only thing I can think of. And I have yet to meet someone who said they had kids only to propagate. Please elaborate, maybe you know people that have done this but I sure don't.
  15. ErlyRisa thanks for breaking that down for me, I really was confused by it but now it makes sense. Does anyone here know the deal between testosterone levels and weight gain? I overheard a couple talking about it at the doctors office this week and I was curious if anyone has information on it, or has maybe dealt with it first hand.
  16. I was thinking about this the other night while watching a movie. It talked about how we as people breed in order to pass on our knowledge. That seems to be the case only for a select few when we have others out there who breed in order to sit around collecting money for our government just for having kids. Do we breed in order to not be alone? Are we really passing on as much knowledge as we had hoped for? Are we doing it in an egotistical manner "Hey look, I have offspring too". What do the rest of you think? And for those without kids currently, did you decide to not bite the bullet? Why di
  17. We have not reached that age just yet but it is something to consider. I still have the half fear that we push out more vaccines than our bodies really need. I am going to need to read up a bit on this one, but thankfully we have a few years before this becomes a huge issue for us.
  18. It is subjective, there are many legally termed adults who are very immature. I know I have my moments, but I also think it is something that sometimes we overlook. There are many things we can change in our day to day that better ourselves, including our maturity levels.
  19. After the last two years in dealing with the school my daughter attends I have narrowed it down to three things. The first is patience, any good teacher needs it. Add in creativity to get some of the kids who don't want to learn (or are bored) can go a long way, it is one of the best things I owe to a teacher of mine from years ago. Being able to reach a kid who either does not want to learn or has issues with learning in a specific way can better the student, and the teacher in the end. The last is thinking outside of the box, which kind of falls into my second reasoning. If you cannot reach
  20. I actually was for a long time, not because I did not like the taste of chicken but because as a child I choked on a chicken bone. I swore it off for almost twenty years and then I learned to love it again. How many ways are you preparing it that you can't love it? To me, any food can be made to love but you need to prep it right from the start.
  21. If you don't let your kids experience certain things in life it is going to come back to bite you. I am not saying put their hand over a hot stove, but I guess I kind of am at the same time. And on this note, do you know that people are sickly leaving "slender man" notes on peoples doorsteps and work places (like their desk). That is not kids doing it, it is adults. That is really sick to think about.
  22. Anyone have thoughts on this one? It seems like all of the plastic we have dumped in our oceans for years now is being swallowed up by those natural to the oceans. I don't personally eat fish but I am sure others here are. For those that do, are you worried that what you eat has plastic for their last meal?
  23. I know plenty of geeks who can be immature, but it depends on the setting. When I am goofing off playing a game is a great example, but when it comes to work that is another story altogether. The biggest thing I see is that most geeks end up being the boss of something, in some type of field (manager, GM, and so on), while most of the jocks and cheerleaders from high school still love being popular years down the road at the school reunion. I really don't think one is better than the other, I am pretty much a firm believer that we all go through stages of being immature at any given age.
  24. Well, covertly vaccinating your population is a good idea but how many people really think ahead when it comes to this? Just take the movies as a great example (and yes I am talking about the things we watch for entertainment), how many times does it seem to take forever for someone to come up with a well maintained and working vaccine, in case of course they forget all about the vaccinating beforehand part. The Last Ship, both the show airing now as well as the book is a great example of this. For me personally, I worry about both. We are living in a time when anyone will try to do anythi
  25. Kids and pets get that at our house, call one by the other name and it seems like something I do at least three times a week. I know when my life is less crazed I seem to do better but even simple stuff sometimes bugs me. I called my sister this weekend and I actually had to message her to find out what her area code was. It is the same area code that I grew up with since she still lives in our home state but my mind completely wiped out something even that simple.
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