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    Hello Its Me

    Welcome to Hypography Yme! We recommend you stick to stuff you enjoy, and our main rule around here is "don't piss people off!" It's generally considered to be a bad idea! :cheer: Enjoy your stay! Once again...welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring, :phones: Buffy
  2. No. Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense, :phones: Buffy
  3. Since I register Republican, I got this one too, and get them regularly. I've checked and that code number is identical for all of them, although they do print your name and address on it. The questions are classic "push poll" questions, which are designed to convince rather than to provide actual options. They're really pretty funny if you look at them with a cynical eye. My boyfriend registers Democratic, so we compare the mailers and while the Democratic Party letters sometimes are a little strident, they're just straight up appeals to send money without a Kids Activity Coloring Book incl
  4. It's a good thing that he didn't tell her "I ought to smack you on the fanny for that!" (The doctor will get this) If the English language made any sense, lackadaisical would have something to do with a shortage of flowers, :phones:Buffy
  5. That's kinda what the Europeans think of Americans when they show up for vacation, but luckily for us, their gun laws are stricter... The idea though that "show up" is equivalent to "invade" is a perfect example of The Paranoid Style in American Politics, an essay I recommend to everyone. I think the tendency to fear "strangers" of any kind is deeply ingrained in the Human psyche, showing just how much we've transferred the baser instinct of individual survival into a social construct of the group. As with genes though, social crossbreeding has indeed shown that mixing up the "social gen
  6. Yah I don't think the quote is right. Pretty much what Galileo concluded is what you wrote: that the movement of the spots proves it rotates, which was pretty controversial. How could anything that big move? The modern observations deprive all former writers of any authority, since if they had seen what we see, they would have judged as we judge, :phones: Buffy
  7. Sure hope so. Obama had this money allocated in his budget, but of course that was never passed. The paper Trump signed just tells the Department of Education to "try to" spend $200M on "STEM" and makes passing reference to the dearth of computer science classes in high schools. The current Trump budget proposal has cuts of over 13 percent to the Department of Education, which means that that $200M is going to have to come out of something else and then some. But it's the thought that counts! No one really wants to not promote education! :cheer: Side note, my daughter went through one o
  8. Yes, there's a big difference between the anti-fascists in Europe, which has a long history, and that in the US, which is relatively new. The history of violence *against* white supremacism is very thin, with the most famous incident being the "Death to the Klan" rally promoted by the Communist Workers Party that became known as the Greensboro Massacre. Notable of course was that it was the Klan that started shooting first, and while CWP members shot back, only Communists died that day, and of course the Klan members charged with murder were all acquitted. "Antifa" is a new thing in the US t
  9. The Nunes document linked below and linked in posts above and which you have hung your hat, precipitously, does not mention the name "Powers". No it doesn't, but the day the letter came out, her name was leaked to Fox News citing "2 unnamed sources." So interesting that the whole point of Nunes letter is going after "leakers," and yet the only evidence comes from....leaks in the administration. It's called "letterhead" dear, and no, there have been endless complaints from both parties that Nunes--who is still the Intelligence Committee chair although having recused himself from "R
  10. It was exactly that post that constituted the hijacking. You of course would not see it that way, but to anyone else reading it (and many complained right there in the thread), it was obnoxious. Honestly if you don't like how we run this forum, why don't you go start your own? Why it hath bay windows transparent as barricadoes, and the clearstores toward the south north are as lustrous as ebony; and yet complainest thou of obstruction? :phones:Buffy
  11. I always find it amusing that conservatives expect liberals to blindly defend everyone at their end of the spectrum because that's what conservatives always seem to do. Trump may think that the White Supremicists and Nazis are "very fine people," but no, most liberals do not defend or much like "antifa" who in fact are mostly libertarians like you. Unlike you they don't like Nazi's though. It's pretty hard not to just laugh at this. You've never been there, and you wouldn't know, but I'm sure you've been told that's what it is by Milo and Ben and Anne, and you credulously believe every w
  12. I think he was trying for "antifa" which is an abbreviation of "anti-fascists" that before last month was only used by White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis. You see, it's all of a sudden become fashionable among most "conservatives" to consider being against fascism a bad thing. But as commie liberal Orrin Hatch said: But many "conservatives" think that at least some White Supremacists are "very fine people." Churchill didn't dance around the Nazis; he called it fascism, :phones:Buffy
  13. Absolutely. The term 'serious actor' is kind of an oxymoron, isn't it? Like 'Republican party' or 'airplane food.' :phones:Buffy
  14. Yes, the post in that Introduction thread by the original poster here, constituted hijacking that thread for selfish reasons. Since the topic of the hijacking post and this thread were basically the same, it provided a convenient place to dump this arguably pointless discussion. Note that the only reason the original thread was targeted was that the original poster of that thread returned last night to provide an innocent "thanks" post, and did not deserve to be hijacked in such a vulgar and disagreeable manner. There are practical little things in housekeeping which no man really understan
  15. Do you expect everyone to deny what's in the document written by: This is called "conflation," dear. Devin Nunes is the only one to claim to have evidence of "unmasking of 260 names by Sarah Power." Rosemary Collyer's opinion generally attacks the NSA's procedures over a five year span, but in fact generally reinforces it's powers in a way that civil libertarians find disturbing. Most imporantly though it makes absolutely no mention of Sarah Powers. None. Go look for yourself. So you'd really have to be a comlete moron to use the latter as "proof" of the former here.
  16. How disingenuous. Well, which is it? Is someone having "attended Berkeley, and particularly at that time, it was all I needed to know..." or are you going to be embarrassed, step back and ask people? Chris Stevens, who the right has turned into some sort of strange martyr-fetish "murdered by Hillary" was in my class at Berkeley. What does that make you think of him now? Are you against Free Speech? Why should you be against anyone who even went to school at the same time that FSM or the anti-war movement was going on? Are you that prejudiced about everyone and all differences?
  17. Well, I imagine Berkeley *is* intimidating for you. I know you're from New York, did you go to: A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people, :phones:Buffy
  18. Do you expect everyone to take Devin Nunes word for it with no proof? It sounds, dear, like you have already shoved sharp pencils in both ears. At least 3 inches deep. When a man has once brought himself to accept uncritically all the absurdities that religious doctrines put before him and even to overlook the contradictions between them, we need not be greatly surprised at the weakness of his intellect, :phones: Buffy
  19. Thanks for including the KQED link covering the so-called "Free Speech" week. It makes Milo and crew look like a bunch of incompetent idiots trying to make fun of Berkeley history, taking advantage of the fact that as a government-run institution they are bound by the First Amendment. As the article says, it's the right wing organizers themselves who've cancelled, and "have not communicated the cancellation with the school, and so the university will continue to prepare for the event." So much for stifling free speech. And these idiots can't even pull off a publicity stunt. Bozos. My cousi
  20. The only "evidence" is Devin Nunes word. No one else has seen his "evidence." The fact that Breitbart, Newsmax and the hundreds of other propaganda sites you think are the only truth have copied the same unsupported allegations almost verbatim does not make them any more true. And again you ignore the actual import of any of it. Were there unmaskings? Undoubtedly. Do Republican intelligence experts say that unmasking is often legitimate, and in the Rice case, certainly so? Yes. Is surveillance always legitimate? Certainly not, and as I've said, there's bipartisan support for that noti
  21. In Post #1: There's nothing in the piece whatsoever about how the piece is "relevant to the bleeping 'witch hunt,'" and the only thing that could be is Devin Nunes unmasking. By not bothering to say wat the "relevance" is, along with the fact that there's only been one connection made even by the right-wing press, there's only one conclusion. Moreover the only link you provided was to the circa article. No really, go look. Try searching for "Collyer" on that page. Try. Now if you had bothered to read my Post #2, you'd be flabbergasted to find that yes, just about everyone believe
  22. We know you don't. Unfortunately you don't get to justify your argument by saying that related information that casts doubt on your argument "has nothing to do" with it. What you're doing here is basically saying that in an argument that the world is flat, that no evidence based on curvature should be allowed because your argument only involves straight lines. If you're going to insist that Islamic Terrorism is an "existential threat" (Post #43) and then allow no discussion of comparable threats because your threat should be considered in isolation then you are going off into a cle
  23. What arguments? Do you even know what forum you're in at the moment? Dear, your post #1 in this thread made accusations about unmasking. Of the links in my post #2, the first one--and the only one you then responded to--was a definitional link to Wikipedia to identify Sinclair broadcasting. The second was a link to identify and give background on Mr. Epshteyn, and the rest in that post attacked your unmasking thesis. The problem of course is that just because you claim to be a "Constitutional Conservative" doesn't mean you understand it. Unfortunately it is exactly your refusal to
  24. You just repeated the accusation that I had just provided evidence against, which you refused to address. It's not really possible to have an intelligent discussion with anyone who is willfully ignorant of facts and insists that fantasies he sees on propaganda sites on the internet are the only truth. You might want to ask yourself: what are you accomplishing here? Have you convinced anyone here of anything? Do you think you ever will? Do you have any theories as to why? Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts, :phones: Buffy
  25. The one link I provided to Wikipedia was informational, not provided as proof of anything, and if you read it, it's unlikely to say much that you'd disagree with, precisely because Sinclair makes sure the page is properly curated to not make them look bad. The rest of the links are substantive and provide evidence detrimental to your arguments, but you conveniently ignored them. No one here is wondering why anymore. To claim there is "no dispute" is laughable. The accusation was made by Devin Nunes, who, as I said, by making this accusation looks to have made a fool of himself in focusin
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