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  1. white amongst bonzai Questions emerge Twist knobs I love your nose
  2. Baby Jesus Born and Bright Happy Families plug in the night. Dear God, I see Trails thru Rainbow Streets and Avenues
  3. welcome. feel free to discuss anything you wish! peace
  4. What are some things I can do to optimize my little windows xp laptop? I use this laptop as my audio production machine and it's starting to get really laggy. I know some of you guys hate windows...but I'm a pirate. Any advice, tips, tricks, programs, etc? The only thing I really do is end all unnecessary processes and defrag my drive every so often. thank you
  5. Queso


    hip hip Hooay! Welcome pete
  6. son et luimee ir a loo shu ga lom thru to who how could we do such a thing moon over head holding flowe doe xo
  7. Queso

    My Intro

    welcome. have you recorded any of your accordian?
  8. "I beat level three" - unattested feed
  9. So you're saying when something is converted into metal it becomes magnetic? how?
  10. welcome Ian. glad to have you on board.
  11. With a question like this I can give you an answer like: If you consider our mysterious mind a ripple in space time then they exist there sometimes with the right knowledge and focus (whatever that is)
  12. someone else just pointed that out in another thread! much creepier indeed! ;)
  13. Queso


    welcome to hypography. :hihi:
  14. Shoppers and store clerks described a scene of panic and chaos after hearing shots even as a pianist at the store played on.
  15. (Orbsycli swiftly snags three puffy pieces of popcorn and replaces them to his mouth where two peanut M&M's are already waiting to be mashed together during the prelude)
  16. Queso


    this is the most bizzare stuff I've read in a long time. good research, mates! thanks for sharing. :hihi:
  17. you cant see that video? its insane. the grasshopper hops to the edge of the water and then jumps in. the parasite aborts and it's like 10 times longer than the grasshopper. it kicks and fights and the worm slips into the water....its.....so.....sick
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