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  1. I think everyone has their own individual optimum state. ...right? I tried to describe my personal optimum state but it was absurd trying to describe it.
  2. ahh see this is what I thought. There are a bunch of websites I was reading that talk about it like it's nothing. I will definitely find a pro and talk with him. thanks. I used to know this guy that used to work for gibson and he'd help me out a lot but I was too young to really grasp what he was doing. Now I wish I still had the guys number. Where can I hear some velvet strings in action?
  3. HE SHALL SEE NO LONGER than two inches in front of his horns in fog like this
  4. Queso


    Oh how archetypal of you! Yes. I'll have three tears please. On a cracker.
  5. p.s. I'm very anal about tone, feel, and sound. I like my les paul to be well rounded, clear, fat, resonant. I play harder than anyone I've ever known. Classical guitar strings last longer than six months, and acoustic has a max life of 1 month for me. Ey freezy, have you ever adjusted your truss rod? I used to get my les paul set up every now and then by a pro but I want to be the pro...soo...I did some research and I found that the truss rod is in control of the height of the strings while the intonation is controlled by the bridge. I learned how to adjust this with harmonics and a chro
  6. That's what everyone tells me. I destroy strings magnificently. After 2 weeks they sound like crap. (I buy strings in bulk) I am glad I don't play velvet strings. (Are they for cello errr what?)
  7. atomic tunnels weave our soul through the rainbow vibrations
  8. luckily I have never gone overboard with this hard drive, thats a great tip.
  9. in the morning of the mirrors ***** at each other getting points across the room pregnant with omnipossibility (out the door) so baked is the potato boiled is the corn sliced is the onion pureed is the beet
  10. Registry mechanic worked like a charm. it found over 800 problems. nice! anything else I should do to polish up my system? It appears to be super spiffy now (just for the record)
  11. Queso


    Am I interrupting something here?
  12. "you reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon. shine on you crazy diamond"
  13. We talk about this all the time. http://hypography.com/forums/theology-forum/10238-gods-vision-reminder.html
  14. ahhh see this is what I figured, but I guess I just wanted to hear you say it. gracias mi amiga.
  15. wait....so.... they're all of those things? does that mean it just depends on how you look at them?
  16. Are clouds chaotic or fractal or neither or in-between? :)
  17. Velvet strings for what...a cello? How much$? I'm changing my guitar strings every 2weeks max. Music is by far my most expensive hobby. "music sweet music i wish i could caress and kissssss"
  18. psybreaks self-transforming gloop every transient frequency
  19. I think gravity affects the strength to size ratio greatly. Take that into consideration....but I'm by no means an expert or anything.
  20. IMO, you shouldn't look at it that way. I would look at the optimum of all men as one with their bioregion.
  21. Prostate massage is also very good for you but this tends to gross some guys out.
  22. cool, thanks for that information! :)
  23. Queso


    Whats que sera sera? Sounds like a song by Os Mutantes. What is an effective way to eliminate parasites inside of us? (Other than a healthy dieta, exercise, and fasting approximately 2 times a year?)
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