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  1. curiosity. did it really kill the cat? impossible. the curiosity may have led the cat to it's death, though curiosity itself can not kill. if it could, you could have killed me turtle?! :hyper:
  2. wow, i just read this entire thread. And i must say....extremely entertaining. anybody who thinks they are a genius, will probably never be one. arrogance is like standing on a brick wall, with a brick wall on the other side, and all of your wonderful supporters standing gleefully underneath you. *sigh
  3. Queso


    so i've heard things here and there that einstein smoked weed. true or false? :hyper:
  4. what do you use to record? i'm sitting next to a pro tools hd3 accell system. your stuff sounds pretty good. the background chords give it a nice space for the lead.
  5. not only do i believe there are many forms of life in this universe. i believe there are even more beyond the universe, in other universes. i don't think human beings will ever live to see what's outside of the universe, though i do believe we will find another form of life somewhere down the line.
  6. hahahaha, that is great. even though i live here, i find america fascinatingly hilarious. :hyper:
  7. hah. yeah, somewhere out there lies other forms of life. some other planet orbiting some other star for some time to create some form of life. i really dislike how movies portray aliens almost the same size as us, and with 4 limbs. what are the chances aliens having almost the same structure of us, just a different color skin? LAAAAAAAME. if aliens tried to take us over, we'd get jelous and nuke them.
  8. hah, i get what you're saying openmind. it's a crazy thought, and i know nothing about real psychology, just what i observe. but i would say that the person has either done a lot of drugs in their life, and it's flashbacks. severe events can trigger these things too.
  9. during this period of the past few hundreds of years, we have gathered scientifical information about ourselves, and i think maybe there are some kinks to work out with evolution. ;) we have come a long way, but, we have a long ways to go.
  10. hmmm. even though we are an organism, like an ant or a wasp, i don't believe we fall into their catagory. i don't see how we do anything "good" for earth. if anything, we're destroying this place. and what's amazing about this time period we are living in is that we're actually kind of getting the picture, as a whole. and we are trying new things like...hybrid cars for example. to supposively help out the environment. we will probably deplete this place, and then desert it. ;)
  11. paranoia heightening the sensitivity to the world around you. wow that makes so much sense, hadn't realized that. all those questions flying around in your brain answered through observation and logic. thanks for posting this, i realized something.
  12. muscles! ths science inside us is menacing, i tell ya. thank you
  13. whoa, awesome. never seen those statistics before
  14. you know, when amsterdam legalized marijuana (and i dont know what else they have legalized over there) their crime rate actually went down a significant ammount. interesting...
  15. this fact alone proves astrology is completely bs. if the time is just rounded off at the end of the year, that would mean that the month system isn't constant, just something aproximate, lined up with the seasons.
  16. yes, but these are theories of existance.
  17. Queso


    ahhh awesome. well, i pretty much play anything. i love all kinds of music. i have a marshall mode 4 amp, which is practically my life savings. also i have a gibson les paul standard, an '83 explorer, and some other random guitars. i'm an effects slut. i am obsessed with crazy tones, and making up things no one has ever heard. though, i know when to keep it simple, and am a big fan of vintage tones. and as for recording engineer, i have a pro tools hd system sitting right here in my bedroom. whenever i move out, i'm going to set up a studio. i became a pro tools certified operator a few couple
  18. Queso


    well....my name's jason. i live in florida, but plan to move back to my hometown in california in a few months. i'm an experimental guitar player, and recording engineer. i joined this site because i am so interested in everything, and this seems like a good source for it. you can check out some other stuff at http://www.mediapimp.net/jason which is just my website just for the hell of it. about 10 minutes ago i climbed through my window, after sitting in my backyard getting music ideas from the sounds outside. i swear i heard things that don't even exist, and after i write this post i'm going
  19. http://www.mediapimp.net/jason/story.htm
  20. so i'm curious.. how exactly does the pupil get bigger and smaller? i know it does because of light intake, but HOW? how does the cornea regenerate itself when the pupil gets smaller? or does it even do that at all? they never taught me this in school. :)
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