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  1. we found a folding network woven through our cellular cohesion
  2. Flap a butt cheek whip past the night of the light s the way
  3. puppet particles on the other side of universes sung instantly
  4. whoever said her name was mary was drinking muktuk from a cup of lightly diminishing disintegration scans :ud:
  5. god damn I love brains n shish ka bobs! you are just an alien puppet fishing for the Beast :)
  6. don't flip the switch!:) the mole was an agonist of the 5-HT2A receptor and also has been shown to activate the 5-HT2C:eek_big:
  7. syrian rue spoke through you led me hear to retune :P
  8. be it Romanesco ! or hyperspatial flight~ purple planets sway like kelp cross legged in the night :P
  9. in an octave previously unheard of... without words, all is reflection. a breath of love blows through, recalibrating the old anew. flowing freely in the blood, in the leaves, and in the mud grows the geometric crystal of universal consciousness. :)
  10. When a human being works with dimethyltryptamine they'll find themselves soaring through a rapid information download at light speed. you will meet entities that will guide you through these other dimensions. I've seen structures grown from seeds, that just grow and evolve so rapidly. the most complicated and intriquit yantras in the universe, sizzling before my eye with perfect crystalline precision. The experience is more real than sitting here at this desk. Only those that have traveled can truly understand. If there's music, you will see it morphing perfectly. Thus the shaman sings.
  11. I'm glad someone's talking about this. Over the years I've trained myself to be able to literally see sounds. It wasn't until recently I worked with an amazonian shaman who sang icaro's. An icaro is a song sung from the voice, but it's woven visually. The shaman can see what he/she is singing, and so can anyone else with the ability. You gain this ability by drinking ayahuasca, which was recently deemed by the Peruvian government as a "national treasure" ayahuasca is a brew made from several different plants that contain MAO inhibitors and dimethyltryptamine, which is a neurotransmit
  12. It must be hard trying to discuss something you've never experienced. Oh wait, actually it must be quite easy to think you know what you're talking about.
  13. no broke halo bored, eternal angels fishing for silicon growths under tectonic skulls
  14. Please forgive my intense passion. You weren't meant to understand them. Sorry. You don't seem like a very creative person, either (no offense) Is Ibogaine legal in south africa? That's supposedly a very powerful medicine I've never worked with. In fact, they are using it to treat heroin addictions. Pretty amazing, huh? They aren't just illusions. lol. silly guy. We're getting off the topic of creativity though. The point is, they have the potential in some people. Dude I've made THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MUSIC and have come up with GREAT IDEAS for music that I would have NEVER thought
  15. So you consider Ayahuasca, one of the most sacred medicines on our planet a chem? That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard you say on this forum.
  16. P.s. I am insane in this society because so many of you people just disregard the sacred. (So hey, just disregard me! I make no sense to you! yay!) Oh well. We all think we know the truth! *skips away singing like a fag (I drank way too much coffee yesterday uggghhh what a shitty drug)
  17. LOL You have no idea what you're talking about! Just like I said. From my perspective, a psychedelic experience is the complete opposite of escapism. Escapism is shooting up heroin. Trust me? Oh trust you? okay. I wouldn't be half as good a musician I am today if I never encountered these substances. Nor would Hendrix, or all the other great artists who saw the truth.... I invite you to come over, Mr. B, I'll cook you a fine healthy dinner and blow your mind with vibrations. :lol:
  18. Some people were born to work. Some people were born to give birth. Some people were born. Some people were born to explore the mysteries of consciousness. Some drugs have the potential to increase your awareness of your creative potential. These same "drugs" make some people want to have sex, or be a buddhist, or sing, or paint all over themselves, or think about "dimensions", or draw in 3D for the first time. There really is no argument. Either you know, or you don't. Either they work for you, or they don't. There is only one way to know. (Or infinite) This forum is funny. Whenever we
  19. A world without drugs is a world without humans. We'd still be monkeys if it weren't for the mushrooms. I am certain of this.
  20. Obviously the potential is inside of us. We house the receptor sites AND DMT. DMT is the most powerful psychedelic known to man! And all of us monkeys produce it! I could go on and on and on....
  21. Looks creepy. I stick to the natural. The sacred. We all have our preferences....
  22. Why would you call GOD HE? Oh god do I dare even ask?
  23. Queso

    Wake up call

    How many people do you think we wake up on a daily basis? We, as Hypography. People come here saying they love this forum and they find it very informative and then we never hear from them again. haha. it's as if we shattered all their previous notions. :lol:
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