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    I am writing and recording songs in Nashville. Astronomy is something I am still involved in.
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    Nashville, TN
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    music, travel, astronomy
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  1. The Kepler spacecraft and telescope will look for Earth-like planets over the next 3 or 4 years. This is cutting-edge science. Kepler Kepler Mission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Overview http://kepler.nasa.gov/about/
  2. I find it hard to believe that the universe will die. The fact that it came into existence to begin with leads me to feel this way. To exist at all, is to exist forever in one form or another. Maybe this is "faith." But what is the alternative to faith? No faith? Where does that lead?
  3. The subject of this post should be: "Moon, Saturn, Mars & Regulus"
  4. From the Wal-Mart parking lot in Lebanon, I used my binoculars to view an alignment of Saturn, Mars and Regulus near a four-day-old crescent moon. I noted the moon's terminator separating day and night and earthshine, that ghostly light reflected from Earth to the moon and back to Earth. This drama took place in the constellation Leo in the west after sunset. Saturn, pinkish Mars and 1st magnitude Regulus lined up to the right of the moon not unlike Orion's belt. I could almost see all three at once through my binoculars. This was the night of July 6, 2008. Mars is moving closer to Saturn.
  5. I defended Pluto for a long time. It is getting harder to do so.
  6. I believe there was a Big Bang, but I believe it was precipitated by God. Astronomy Jim Colyer :: News
  7. We were going to Edwin Warner Park in Nashville for the total lunar eclipse the night of February 20, 2008, Michael, Karen and I. A group was meeting at the Nature Center. It got cold, and snow was predicted. We decided not to go. I figured clouds would ruin the eclipse anyway. I held up in my apartment at Vanderbilt. Michael and Karen were in Murfreesboro. I called cousin Larry on the phone. He had forgotten about the eclipse. It was to begin at 7:43pm central time. He looked out his window and said it did not look like a full moon. I realized the eclipse was already in its penumbral stage
  8. Thanks for sharing your experience. You were fortunate to get to see the lights.
  9. After missing the Northern Lights in Alaska, I traveled to Iceland, December 4-9, 2007, hoping to see them. Iceland is a Scandinavian country lying between Norway and Greenland. It is an island nation the size of Kentucky with a peninsula extending from its northwestern corner that looks like a crab with pinchers. Iceland was a Danish colony until 1944. It became independent when the Nazis occupied Denmark. Iceland's flag has the Scandinavian cross, a red cross outlined in white against a blue field. Greenland was granted self-rule by Denmark in 1979. People like to say that "Iceland is
  10. Mainstream music was good from the late 1950s through the early 1980s. Elvis Presley Jim Colyer :: News The Beatles Jim Colyer :: News
  11. Great experience! I have read that it is easy to walk down the Canyon, but a real test walking back up.
  12. The Grand Canyon is in northern Arizona. It was carved by the Colorado River as the land rose. A cake and knife analogy is used. The river is a knife held stationary as the cake is uplifted. The Canyon took 7 million years to carve. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and a mile deep, averaging 10 miles across. It is shaped like a bra or a woman's bosom. Two billion years of Earth's history are exposed. The Canyon continues to widen as the rims disintegrate. Erosion by water, ice, wind and the course of the Colorado widen the Canyon. Water has the most impact. It gets into cracks between
  13. The Kepler spacecraft to search for earthlike planets will be launched in 2008. Kepler Mission It will be looking in the Cygnus region of the Milky Way.
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