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  1. Tormod - Thank you for your input and thoughts. This forum may not fit what I'm looking for. I want to ask these type questions without discussing my idea, but I'm beginning to understand that won't be very well received, and I guess I can understand that. You want something to sink your teeth into and I'm not providing it. My problem is this idea is so darn simple one paragraph or less and everything about it is exposed, and I'm not sure I want to do that. Actually at times I wish I could find it written up as a failure just so I can stop thinking about it. This is an interesting web
  2. Freeztar - Thanks - I'll give it a try. Sorry if I asked the wrong questions, just trying to get a feel for what was going on within this forum and just basic information/definitions on the pmm. I certainly do not want to waste your time by being pointless. Bob
  3. Freeztar - Thanks for the reply. I did find a long thread on perpetual motion and I am on page 19 or so. Very interesting stuff. I’ll look at the links you posted after I finish the thread I started, and thanks for that as well. One thing that did come through is there are a lot of believers and just as many na-sayers. I'm not interested in getting into the middle of any of that. I just want to get this "one thing" out of my mind once and for all, and it may not be a "quote unquote" PMM. Am I wrong here, are not most folks trying to build what they are calling a PMM but it really is no
  4. WOW! - One day and I have 3 new friends. To all; thanks for the response and welcome. Giles - You got me, you got me good! I read your first line and started to "yank" my membership to this site right then and there. :confused: Buffy ("The Vampire Slayer" I presume) - If I never stop posting here please just shoot me. Freestar - If this is where Newton says things in motion stay in motion and things at rest stay at rest, or something of that sort, then I think I'm interested in something that is not in agreement with Newton. But you can assume I know very little about this subject, be
  5. Hi All - I have just recently retired from the telecommunications industry after 37 years. I have always had a fascination with "perpetual motion" and basically that is the main reason for joining this forum, to discuss this subject. I have “no” background in perpetual motion, other than reading some articles every now and then when I find one, and I’m certainly not a scientist, but I have always been curious. I’ll probably spend some time reading what has already been posted, and then try to start a “back-in-forth” with some of my questions. I hope most of you write in laymen’s terms.:)
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