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    Turtle got a reaction from GAHD in Giant Space Javelin   
    Yes; unobtanium. :Ebomb:
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    Turtle got a reaction from LaurieAG in Giant Space Javelin   
    Yes; unobtanium. :Ebomb:
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    Turtle got a reaction from GAHD in An Unexpected Discovery   
    The effect is due to convection currents in the cylinder. Bubbles rise in a column which becomes focussed in the center by pressure equalization, which draws fluid to move up from the center of the cylinder, then move radially at surface to edge of container, then down sides and along bottom back to center & up again. The small bubbles are trapped at the edge because their diameter/volume is greater than the downward moving layer/force along the sides of cylinder. See "Brazil nut effect" for an analog with granules.
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    Turtle got a reaction from Thoth101 in Was Jesus A Philosopher?   
    All of them. It's Jesuses all the way down.
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    Turtle reacted to Moontanman in Extreme Variation Ecology Possible?   
    Hey dude, I hope you are doing well, good old Hypo seems to have slowed down a bit.. 
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    Turtle got a reaction from Moontanman in Extreme Variation Ecology Possible?   
    'Sup TanManMoon! In short, the best laid plans of mice & men, often go awry. Nevertheless, nothing ventured, nothing gained so go for it. Once in, Hofstadter's Law applies as the interdependence of living things is a strange loop.Live long & prosper.
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    Turtle reacted to Moontanman in Extreme Variation Ecology Possible?   
    If, and I know what a big word if is, but if you could take species of animals and plants from Earths past and plant them in the ecology they occupied in the past. Assume a blank planet, some modern animals would be included, but the point is that each of these animals and place them in the place they occupied would such an diverse ecology work?  
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    Turtle got a reaction from hazelm in Thinking Of Maxims   
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    Turtle got a reaction from jack99 in Riots Across America   
    The protesting is by the justifiably sick & tired, but the violence is instigated by relatively few anarchists. Right, left, organized, or lone wolves; anarchists. Trump is a douche I think most sane folk can agree.Gotta breathe friend! To quote Arthur Ashe, start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. :-)
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    Turtle got a reaction from LaurieAG in What are you listening to right now?   
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    Turtle got a reaction from GAHD in Human Design   
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    Turtle got a reaction from GAHD in Are Cyclical Events Mathematical Rotations? Why Does Repeated Multiplication With Itself 700 Times Equal A Rotation?   
    A speckled hen stands ready to strike,
    Every thing emptying into white.
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    Turtle got a reaction from GAHD in Floating A Boulder In Ice   
    In geology we have artifacts known as ice floated erratics which are boulders that were trapped in glacial ice and then transported and deposited on the land surface by flooding. Missoula floods and all that.
    So if i have a 40 ton andesitic basalt boulder, what volume of ice is necessary to float it at the surface?
    Approximate Volume of boulder 485ft^3
    Estimated Density 180lb/ft^3
    Let the stone be a sphere and the ice a cube. (If that helps?)
    I appreciate the aid; mind is rather foggy at this juncture with no immediate signs of clearing.
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    Turtle reacted to tetrahedron in Dark Energy Related To Golden Mean Values?   
    Generalized Fibonacci numbers (different series all of which have ratios of nearest neighbor terms converging on Phi) are also well known from studies in biological systems. They deal with growth and packing. At least the growth part might have some connection to accelerating Hubble expansion. Packing, on the other hand, would have to deal with the density of matter and/or dark matter, wouldn't it?  Some years back I had looked at the professionally produced estimates of the relative amounts of these components in the observable universe and had observed that they seemed to fall into another Fib-like sequence. I just can't remember offhand the particulars so will have to reexamine my original findings.
    As an aside you might consider amusing, consider the way Fibonacci and Lucas numbers pattern in the PERIODIC TABLE, when they are taken as ATOMIC NUMBERS. Up to 89 inclusive, ALL the Fib atomic numbers map to positions in periods that are leftmost within orbital half-rows. Remember that in orbital filling sequences, all lobes in the orbital must be filled singly before they start to take on partners, producing spin-opposed pairs of electrons per orbital lobe. ALL the ODD Fib atomic numbers map to the leftmost positions of the left half of the orbital row- that is to where there is only a single electron occupying one lobe. And ALL the EVEN Fib atomic numbers map to the leftmost positions of the right half of the orbital row, where there is the first DOUBLET. Up to 89 there are NO exceptions. A hell of a mathematical coincidence, don't you think? And as the next Fib atomic number would be 144, which is unlikely to ever see synthesis, this pretty much covers the entire knowable Periodic Table. One should also note that after 89 all the Fibonacci numbers are also misplaced positionally relative to the orbitals in their periods.
    As for the Lucas atomic numbers, on the other hand, THEIR patterning is less perfect. Up to 18 (that is, 2, 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 18, still a good run), they pattern to RIGHTMOST positions in half orbital rows- that is to either half-filled or completely-filled orbitals. Problems start to occur with copper (atomic number 29). Here the positional mapping is one left of where it needs to be, and ideally (from the way the PT has its electronic configurations laid out positionally within periods) it SHOULD have a d9 configuration (10 electrons filling the d orbital completely). But in actuality it HAS a d10 configuration. It does this by internally abstracting one s electron from a filled (s2) orbital and moving it to the nearly filled d orbital, which is more stable (lower energy configuration). Thus it DOES preserve the Lucas atomic number trend configurationally even though the mapping is off positionally within the Periodic Table itself. And then 47 (silver), the system uses exactly the same sort of 'fix'- an internal abstraction of one s electron and reassignment to the d orbital. 76, osmium, would under the above schemes fit the FIBONACCI atomic number pattern, since it has a d6 configuration. But in its monatomic gaseous state osmium is well known to present highly reduced chemical reactivity, nearly as much as an actual noble gas such as xenon, which has a p6 configuration. d6 vs. p6. Almost 'as if' the orbital itself were being reinterpreted in some way.   It is also interesting that while the positional mappings within periods of copper and silver are moved one step left of where they *should* be for orbital filling, osmium is actually one step RIGHT of where it should be (though copper and silver, with odd Luc atomic numbers, ideally should be at the end of the FIRST half orbital, not the second). In generalized Fibonacci sequences there are always TWO odd numbers for every even- (1,1,2)(3,5,8 )(13,21,34)(55,89,144)... and so on for Fib, and then (2,1,3)(4,7,11)(18,29,47)(76,123,199)... and so on for Luc. Note that the even term comes at the right side of the triplet for Fibonacci numbers, and at the left side of the triplet for the Lucas numbers. I have wondered whether there is something about this that has affected the anomalous Lucas atomic number patterning after 18.
    Jess Tauber
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    Turtle got a reaction from Flummoxed in Scientist Are Rethinking Memory In Terms Of Quantum Entanglement   
    Now do the jitterbug with it. >
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    Turtle got a reaction from Dubbelosix in Scientist Are Rethinking Memory In Terms Of Quantum Entanglement   
    I forgot what I wanted to say. Put me down for Bucky's vector equilibrium. :Shrug:
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    Turtle reacted to moo in Quatrain Corner   
    Ceaseless effort
    'til my head rang,
    for to illustrate
    the interrobang.

    _ __| |__ / _ _ /_/ | | | | | | | |/ / | / | / |_| _ |_|
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    Turtle got a reaction from hazelm in New Space Station   
    Put me down for an orbital ring. :circle:
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    Turtle got a reaction from hazelm in Does Math Fit With Philosophy?   
    Argue all you want, but as soon as you make your first point, math has been invoked. Math doesn't give a whit whether you engage it or not because you can't escape its web. Cest la vis. :lol:
    The ideas I suggested far predate the internet when we used papier things called books. Define a word; dictionary. Read up on a topic; encyclopedia. Need more, visit a library or heaven forbid, write a letter.
    As we do have the web, I recommend you bookmark the WolframAlpha Computational Engine.
    If you register for free you get some extra functionalities. :smart:
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    Turtle reacted to Deepwater6 in New Space Station   
    Exactly GHAD, Go go Bigelow and all the other spacey enterprising companies out there.
    Mr T.   As I live and breath, how are you? It's been a while. I was trying to remember the other Science forum you visit the other day. I had it in my favs on my old computer, but it didn't make the leap to the new one for some reason.
    Oh yes, the space elevator idea. What an ingenious way to get massive amounts of material into space without thousands and thousands of launches. I've heard tale of using them on Mars and exo-planets. Shooting the tether from space which then drills into the surface to get secure then swings with the planets rotation (more or less). 
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    Turtle got a reaction from hazelm in Does Math Fit With Philosophy?   
    When I run across unfamiliar elements in a text, whether mathematical or not, I stop reading and look up the element. Once confident that I have the element by the short-hairs, I return to the text, back up a paragraph from my stop point, and start reading again. Rinse & repeat as necessary until achieving a most happy conclusion. :read: :read:
    On the topic of math as applies to philosophy, math underlies it whether or not explicitly invoked. If you doubt this, then reread paragraph 4 in that philosophical article you last math bashed with.   See, you can't go to paragraph 4 without knowing counting. There is no relief, and that is the first principle. :edizzy: The second principle is to always seek relief. 
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    Turtle got a reaction from LaurieAG in Near Earth Objects   
    No factual info, just a wild but compelling thought inside my caranium.
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    Turtle got a reaction from LaurieAG in Near Earth Objects   
    I predict that a heretofore unknown comet will soon appear and strike Mercury. :eight:     [email protected] 
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    Turtle got a reaction from samanthabee12 in Keeping Pets Is Reprehensible   
    Correct; the $560 per hospital visit figure is for 2003. It was all I could find on short notice. Do you suppose it is higher or lower today?
    Now add to that the fuel used by these folks going to the hospital, then add all the aftercare costs in doctor visits, trips to the druggist, bandages, psychological treatment, lost work time, lifelong fears of dogs in some victims, state costs to quarantine and/or euthanize the biter, so on, & so on, yada, yada, yada. Woof! :dog:
    To each of my costs, someone says 'drop-in-the-proverbial-bucket.' I propose that I can nickel-&-dime the so-called benefits into a debit. ;)
    I want to address the issue of people & industry losing out if the pet industry disappeared, as several have brought it up in defense of keeping pets. Those people losing jobs in my view, would just get new jobs in other industries. :hyper:
    Now to clarify for everyone, I am not proposing, have not proposed, & do not plan to propose, any action to take peoples' pets by force of law or any other means. :) What I am proposing, is taking a closer look at our behaviors in an effort to see the real costs and whether or not these behaviors qualify as excesses. My mantra is waste-not-want-not. Oooooooommmmmmmmm ..... ;)
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    Turtle got a reaction from exchemist in How To Detect A Reptilian?   
    Contrive to maneuver the suspect entity into a cold environment. If they become lethargic you've likely got yourself a reptilian.   :winter_brr:    Once immobilized, one can check to confirm the absence of external genitalia.  :shocked:
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