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  1. Modest, You are to good. Thank you so much! How did you go about doing this so I know for next time... Thanks again! -Jacob
  2. Hey Guys and Gals, I have been trying to get an image to work for a project of mine. I have attached what I have so far. I want to use it as a logo for a future site...and I can't get the image any bigger without it getting all pixel-y. I really would love to have a larger rendering of this image that was nice and sharp... Any suggestions as to how to get it? Thanks guys.
  3. Hey Guys and Gals. I saw this video and after watching many times and asking friends what they thought...wanted to know if any of you could shed some light on it. The video can be found here. Aurgasm | your favorite music you've never heard It's title is "Gentle Fireworks." Here is a link to the direct Video: Ólafur Arnalds - Ljósið (Official Music Video) on Vimeo The effect looks like dancing smoke and such. I don't know if its a digital effect or a program. What I would love to know is...how was this done? Is this an actual reaction of some kind or what? Any information you can
  4. HEY GUYS! REMEMBER LIL OLD ME?? I'm back for a quick question. What do you guys know about Bologna Bottles. I was wondering if anyone know how to make these fun projects yourself at home, not in a lab. And if you can do it with more than just a beaker. Maybe a glass beer bottle or even a glass coke bottle. What do you all think? -OP5
  5. Any time you exercise, your putting alot of stress on your body. Its a work out. It has been shown that running can make you short though. Due to running on a had surface like pavement, it really does a thing on your knees. As for dangerous exercises...try curling a rabid monkey. Their is always danger in doing things. There is always a chance of pulling a muscle or bracking a bone. Long term problems are out weighed by the good. Trust me. -J
  6. Is there a way to rig a joy buzzer to do this?
  7. Anyone wanna help me here? PROMISE I WON'T SUE! LOL
  8. I see, and how would I go about this. This is somthing I really want to acomplish. I have no ideas coming into this except straping a battery onto me. HA! not a good idea.
  9. Hey guys, Heres a weird question that I hope my old buddys here at Hypography can help me with. What I want to do is build a small device that could automatically charge my body with a Static Electric Charge. Kind of like being able to walk up to someone and shock them without the whole need for wooly socks and stuff. Any ideas? Or Am I insane as usual? Op5
  10. Turtle my man! Just the guy I was waiting to hear from. This number is out of this world...(Literally in some sense) I have always hated math but this "Devine Semitry" or...how was is put..."Gold Ratio" is amazing!
  11. Does no one else have anything to say on the matter?
  12. I will have to check that book out.
  13. A moment for devine perportions! And the things that you learn about and are really BLOW AWAY by! GAH!
  14. Devine Porportions! I did some research and from what I understand, this number is the universal number of perportions! Measure from the top of your head to the floor and then divide that number by distance of your naval to the floor. GUESS WHAT NUMBER YOU WILL GET! PHI! HOLY COW! Devine Porportions! Its that same with your shoulder to your finger tips divided by the distance from your finger tips to your elbow! 1.618 I am like sooo shocked right now!
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