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  1. I personally think that for certain people marijuana is ok, not healthy but they won't get addicted or go on to harder drugs. for others however it leads to harder drugs and then homelessness and prostitution. Another thing is that you can't drive as well whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol. this poses the problem of driving high, how can you tell if someone is high? Because their pupils are dialated? i know a few people whose pupils are so big you can barely see their irises. if you drive drunk, you can do a blow test to check, if you're high you need a blood or urine test to see.
  2. Thaks for the advice. Yeah I'm gonna be extremely cautious with this thing, the last thing I want is a piece of steel stuck through my head.
  3. I'm goin to start off with my personal beliefs then get to the point. I'm prolife, i don't think anyone should be allowed to abort a child, i also believe that people should wait untill they're married to the person they'll spend the rest of their life with. if everyone did this, there wouldn't be any of these problems, std's would be significantly reduce or eliminated. I believe that Ideally that is what everyone would do. But in this world there has to be a compromise, people want to have sex but they don't want kids. So If a man want the child and the woman does not, it does not make sens
  4. we just got the thing off, well when I say we, I mean an employee of his dads. A 70 something year old got it off, even the unreachable bolts!!! Anyways we plan to start work this saturday or during christmas break.
  5. yes but i want to know how to remove that sulfur from the diesel
  6. Hey everyone! I'm starting a project with a classmate of mine, we're building a turbine engine out of a turbocharger from a diesel engine. We're planning on entering it in a science fair and we'll research how different fuels affect the turbine performance (exhaust temperature, thrust, etc). We're still in the porcess of getting the turbo off of the motor (it's from a big mechanical shovel, the engine itself is about 5 ft wide and 4 ft tall), we would have gotten it by now but we don't have a saw (we have a hacksaw but the exhaust manifold is 1/2 inch thick!!!!) untill his dad gets it fro
  7. I am building a turbine engine for a science fair project and I'm going to test the differences in the fuels I use. Well, I'm just doing it for fun but that's going to be the topic of my project for the fair. Anyways, one of the fuels I'm using is diesel. Does anyone know how to remove the sulfur from the diesel? It's not critical to the experiment but it could help reduce the toxic gases that'll be released in my garage lol. Also I'd need to know where I could get the required equipment and chemicals and about how much they'll cost. One more thing, does anyone know if there's sulfur in
  8. is it possible to buy a specific mix of two different gases under pressure in one bottle? I would like a mix of one part methane 4 parts nitrous oxide(N2O) and another container of one part propane 10 parts N2O compressed to a certain pressure. Does anyone know where I could buy this and how expensive it would be?
  9. If you're looking for judges approval, I've heard they really like it when children analyse growing and/or living things (e.g. as mentioned before how the color of light affects plant growth or studying an ant colony, anything that hasn't been tought in class) they like seeing children reach conclusions on their own rather than have them handed to them. Another thing you can do is apply a concept in a demonstration. Average projects like paper mache lizards get average positions, to win the competition the child should go above and beyond what is required, never think "Oh, they won't notice t
  10. I can move my eyes almost completely independantly, the only thing i can't do is move them both to the outer extremities at the same time (i can do i a bit but not nearly the whole way) I can wigle my ears, flare my nostrils, suck in my nostrils, by this i mean if you pinch your nose and suck in through it your nostrils will stay closed, I can do this without pinching my nose by breathing a certain way through my nose, i can curl my toungue, twist it upside down, and do the "three-leaf clover"(fold the outer-front corners in), i can bend my left index finger back and touch it to my wrist, i c
  11. I'm in grade 11 and i was talking to my pphysics teacher about friction. You see race cars with wider tires than road cars, some people will say "oh, this car could benefit from wider tires" but i haven't encountered an equation that takes into account surface area for friction (either static or kinetic). My teacher said there is a certain coefficient of friction for let's say rubber on asphalt so i guess surface area won't change that. Could someone please explain why wider tires give better grip.
  12. If you mean there could be lot's of money involved with selling the diamonds you've produced, they most likely are not very nicely shaped diamonds. If they are, chances are that any appraiser could detect that they aren't "real". I could be wrong so don't quote me on this.
  13. Hey, I'm new to this forum. Actually it was this thread that lead me to it. First off I'll explain my situation. Every year my school has an open house. There are different areas and one of them is chemistry, they always have a "magic" show, last year they were showing nitrogen triiodide. This year my chem teacher is thinking of doing a thermite reaction, he asked the grade 12's and only one person volunteered (it's a private school so there aren't many people) so he's asking the grade 11's to do research on the topic and I think he'll chose the person with the most/best information to do th
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