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  1. In my opinion regarding Ufo sightings, As long as photoshop exists and people of all ages and positions crave attention like blubbering 4 year olds, Ill wait untill ill see the flying paper plates myself. ~Giles Corey
  2. :yeahthat:Yes, Comparing the converted energy to total mass, it would be highly unnoticable that it was shrinking a little bit every second, or even over a billion years as stated above. And once a helium flash occurs, im sure youll wish it were shrinking :eek: Assuming you will live for a few billion years. ~Giles is Sunbathing!
  3. Im not sure if anyone has said this already... (Its a large thread) But there is a possible link between leached Bisphenol A and this wonderful new obesity fad. Although I myself blame a lack of will power, granulated sugar, and a culture that divulges in fats oils and sugar.:eek::cake::( And of course...cake.
  4. I hate to say it, but i knew it was a conspiracy theory type-situation after the first three paragraphs :naughty:
  5. Thats a good question...i forgot how i did it. :hihi: Ive been rather pre occupied with alternative activities of late. If i use terragen any time soon ill write it down. All i know is you can aquire the right programs by searching for a guide on google. ~Giles
  6. They arent exactly young anymore :cup: Thats what i find really amazing about this stuff, the way that what your seeing is so old.
  7. I sent in two myself. For various reasons, I: Spartan Explorer (They have already had a spartan satellite though so i doubt its acceptacne) II: Sagan Explorer (After our beloved Carl Sagan no doubt)
  8. Aha, the potato gun was a major success after some experience with it's technicalities, and fixing the 3' to 1 1/2' connector... Rewiring the spark plug...A lot of duck tape... Apoxy... Screws...:doh: As of right now, with the right mixture of gas and air, it blows my mind that with 2 seconds of Axe body spray, it can luanch the potato well over 100 yards. I will attempt to get footage in the near future, while staying as far below the level of publicly illegal-ness that I can. *It is illegal*...:weather_rain: But with cuation it is no more dangerous than a fly swatter.
  9. Ive got a friend who thinks 9/11 was an inside job. I constantly remind myself how lucky I am that I'm not him. ~Giles
  10. So, here I am preparing to create 2-5 Potato guns, of different proportions. And while making rudimentary plans for this operation, my mother asked the following. "What on earth can a potato gun do thats constructive...?" *Note: in a mainly sarcastic manner* But I thought about it, and I could only come up with one or two constructive things to do with it in the brief moment I had to ponder. So I would like to hear what anyone else can come up with for things it may be used for! ~Fire Away!~ 1- Grappleing Hook ;) 2- Fire Work Cannon
  11. I shall propose a Magenetic Acceleration Cannon to deliver our package to the moon! That or a giant sling shot is about equal in the chance of success...At this stage at least.
  12. Hello! On the topic of Perpetual motion, The sempiternal demeanor of ambulation, soforth is non-absolute disparate the universe... Hehe.. Just kidding mate, I had to use a thesaurus to find half of those words ;). Still, its an interesting subject that I, alike know not a thing about other than the occasional article. But, glad to meet ya! Look forward to talking about unremitting oscillation! ~So many jokes, so little time!:)
  13. Ahh... I have a strict rule about TV. If it has information, I will watch it. If it has luagh lines, I will not watch it (Exception, Frasier, Sienfeld [ Most likley mis-spelled]) If the show takes place on the discovery or history channel, there is a 75% chance I will watch it. If the show is... Mythbusters Weapon Masters Deadliest Catch (And the other shows along the same lines) Anything about space Survival Shows Junkyard Wars, Battle Bots*No longer showing* Medieval Shows Universe Blue Planet (Usually anything regarding wild life) And only too many more to remember...*Thank god I dont have
  14. I rarley fly kites, but this is as inspired to do so, as I have ever been. :shrug: ~Giles Could Fly?
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