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  1. somehow I feel like I'm making fire with flint when cutting cat5 cables, where shouldn't current networking students be learning fiber cables? I'm wondering what possible transmissions speeds could be achieve using spdif cables if such technolgy existed for local networks. The scenario is having 10-20 workstations connect directly to each other using fiber instead of ethernet but the NIC having 10-20 ports for a direct connection to each machine in a workgroup. If it more efficient for an OS to control 20 connections locally (room) or communicate with a DCE device (in the same lab)?
  2. I'm trying to find out if like metal based conductors, silicon based polymers warm up when a current is passed through them. If they produce heat alone or if they release any amount of light. Could silicon or a silicon based polymer be used as a filament.
  3. As per Ryan's post about a lightning propulsion system.. (funny because my name is Ryan too :Glasses: ) I have a question, general, about the concept of an Ion Cannon. While reading the Ashes of Worlds (not lightning weapon as described, they many 'directed energy beam'), the techno garble finally got to me. Lightning from space is a bit beyond silly. At least with my limited understanding of the associated physics. Any large arc of lightning needs a source end and a target end and a channel to pass through. Lightning doesn't occur without a tracer coming up from the ground. Once there's
  4. Well put. You have to think for yourself, or be trained to think for yourself. A current problem does require acknowledging existing wisdom, but the most effective tactic is thinking about all the current aspects of a problem and not just trying to apply some blanket judgment/solution which might not fit this current problem. Having said that isn't it more efficient to try to get a very large group of people behind an established method or solution to a problem, than to try to hash out a unique solution, explain it and sell it in a timely efficient manner?
  5. I like to think that because a person, and then group of people don't NEED anything beyond food and a bare minimum of resources, of course you're going to end up with a spectrum of higher level rules to govern bigger groups of people. Cultures. How they interact is just based on what needs they might have, or think they have within those higher level constructs. A society or nation has needs.. sure. They just don't always apply to smaller groups of people and so remain virtual needs that have to be met by an effort of many people working towards it. The way I see it intellectual sophist
  6. By that time will there be a humanity as such. First you have to expect that humanity can prosper under one banner. Otherwise we'd have to see colonies with samplings of established human cultures which would be prey to large empirialistic states. As we can see economics can work as a focal point to international, interplanetary, and even eventually intersolar trade. But the core of the matter is without trade there is nothing to tie to separate cultures. I have a hard time trying to think of any two cultures that don't trade, one is visibly better off than the other, but they still ge
  7. I was just reading my back posts and reaquainting myself with this community.. I hit an old question about which console would lead this current console generation. I'd pegged Xbox 360 But as time wears on and so does the economy dragging its heels.. comes an update to the Xbox platform in the form of Natal. It's, as far as I can tell, a motion controller and voice recognition system with brains in the device so as to offload the processing of visual and audio recognition. Though there was mention of it having further capabilities that sould like sonar or doppler. Of course not much
  8. If it's a CRT TV (Cathode Ray Tube) it (TV or Signal) might be out of sync. It needs to draw many lines of the picture per second at a certain rate. If the rate of the frames it's drawing and its native drawing rate are out of sync you'll see it as lines in the image (or the image moving vertically up or down the screen). You should have a tuning control in the back on older models of TVs. Otherwise at the moment I couldn't think of anything that would cause it on LCD or any other type of digital TV. Again, if it's a digital TV and Signal, call your provider and explain the entire p
  9. We've all seen them, they are cute... but not wide spread for public consumption. But, what would be immediate limitations to a tiny wvga OLED transparent eyepiece as an attachment to existing bluetooth (3.0) earpieces? I was told the new 4G iPhone is supposed to be cheaper and much faster than the current version. So for the price difference you could buy a little eyepiece. See who's calling, scroll the contact list, etc. lol they could call it the iPatch yukyuk.
  10. revives fossil post -- Thanks CraigD that actually brings to light more fodder :confused: The other reason I was asking was that current space vehicles are small. The bigger they get the more you'd need to move around actively. Where you could argue that regardless of Mir or ISS or a space shuttle being in space or on the ground, a full gee, the passengers just can't move around that much and might not be able to move around enough to be as healthy as a person free to walk around. So in a much bigger microgravity environment, inhabitants would still need to move around. The more they
  11. I've been reading the commonwealth series and wondered about the logistics of a global train service, or at least a train that goes around the world non stop. I want to spend some time specking out the system but need some fodder. The concept is speculative but could become a reality at some point down the line. I'd like to know your opinion of just how realistic or unrealistic it sounds to you. Which route would make the most sense in terms of distance and passing through the most nations along it's circuit route. Having a helium filled tube (to keep it pressurized) running around th
  12. That's partly the point of the question Buffy. Landlubbers may find it funny if that was the cost of adapting to microgravity environments but if it wasn't a bother to the people in orbit, the health as the main concern. It would mean being in orbit for extended periods of time is only problematic if you plan to return to earth. Some of the sci-fi I've been reading, Chris Moriarty, lately talks about adapting to microgravity or low gravity environments. Humans may not be so badly off in space if they grow up there to begin with. If a kid isn't exposed to gravity for most of their life coul
  13. Quick question: What's your opinion on chidlren being trained as astronauts (being sent up into space very early so they have a greater affinity with microgravity) and doing their studies in space. Wouldn't children get used to being in microgravity faster than adults? Living and working in a 3D environment without a gravity bias? Have their been any studies on how quickly/well children adapt to microgravity?
  14. How fast would a mass, say a baseball, have to be travelling before standing water would react like a solid, vaporizing it on impact (perpendicular, gravity not withstanding)?
  15. i'm just slightly more interested in this game again since EA has partially announced that Simcity and The Sims sequels can be expected in the next fiscal year. (yeah right) but otherwise this game still looks Too dumbed down to be fun. i just burned my fingers on Sid Meier's Railroads thinking it would be a serious attempt to revive the old ghost.. no such look. all games these days are built so any idiot can play.. its sad when the die hard fans have to try harder just to make their own fun. -- i'd be more into the intrplanetary commerce.. but something tells me the experience won't
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