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  1. Thank you for all the info. What kinds of Physics are majors without Astronomy, physics by itself? On physicsforums.com they told me that Plasma is for graduate not undergraduate.
  2. Hello all, Are there any such major as for Plasma Physics or Plasma is just an option? What are the different types of Physics minus Astronomy? Is astrophysics part astronomy and part physics? If so we can forget about astrophysics. What are some good public not private colleges for physics in or around the PA area? Thank you for any replies.
  3. Hello all, I have some questions about the following Environmental Engineering, and Meteorology. What does Environmental Engineers do such as working for a Federal EPA Region? What can someone do with a Meteorology degree (all these degree I am talking about will be BS)? What does a Air Quality Meteorologists do? I am not talking about being a weather man. What does and what jobs can someone get in Nuclear Engineering? In about 6 months or more or maybe less it's about a 50/50 chance of moving to Philadelphia, PA but not sure yet. Right now I am in Allentown. What degrees I mentioned
  4. Hi, Does anyone live in the USA and is familar with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)? In order to get in and have these types of majors I am going to list below, what is the difference between these majors and what kind of jobs is offered normally? Please reply back ASAP. Environmental Studies Environmental Engineer Environmental Science Chemical Engineering
  5. Oh it says Physical/Analytic. Would that be an option that they are looking for? Damn I am hitting every letter/number key on my keyboard exepect what I need. I think I am up to late. quarter of 5am and not gone to bed.
  6. For example here is a link. I won't have a degree by the end of the date but I assume all Chemist at EPA has the same degree. It gives some info but it sayn't say what major of degree they have. How can I find that out? USAJOBS
  7. Thank you much. So let me get this right, if I want to work with toxics I would need to major in biochemistry?
  8. Hi, There are plenty of different types of majors being a Chemist. To work for the Feds and be a Chemist and work on the fields cleaning up hazardous and toxic wastes, gas leaks and etc, what Chemistry major do I need to major in? Would it be Chemical Engineering? BioChem?
  9. Hello everyone, I live in Allentown, PA. I am looking for colleges maybe in or near my area that is an engineering school that specailize for Environmental Engineering as a BS degree. Is there any schools like that in my area? I been trying to search by using Yahoo and Google search but I am getting schools that has everything like Arts, Drama and so on. I was looking for a school that is not hard to get into. I hear Penn State is near the top which is just about an IV League. There is no way I can get in. If I be accepted to PSU, I am not going, I rather go to Harvard or Princeton but I kno
  10. Hello, Will someone please tell me what is required for programming games on a TI-83+ Silver? What languages do i need to know? What is it about? Is there any beginners tutorials out there for that?
  11. Hi, I am planning my future for math. I am at a community college. What are some good universities in or near Allentown PA? That is specialized for math? Or there is no universities like that it will just have different majors?
  12. Yes i have but it only gives me a brief description.
  13. Hi, What is Topology? What is Analysis? What is Differential Equations with Linear Algebra? What can i use Analysis and Topology with? I know all them classes requires calc 3. What can someone do besides teaching with an AS and BS degrees in mathematics?
  14. Pyrotex, What college did you go to for calc 1 through 4? Have you ever took the class called Differential Equations with Linear Algebra? How was that class? What it about? Have you ever took Analysis and Topology? What was in those classes? I know they require calc 3 before you take it.
  15. That is great. I had Algebra 1 in High School but I don't remember it. I took a test at the college and I was placed in pre algebra. I do have a TI 83+ Silver.
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