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  1. To be honest about it, yes, they do play a role in industry. BUT the question I bring up is the distribution of the wealth that the workers actually create even though they are considered unimportan because they can always be replaced. Well, government can also replace capitalism. So capitalism is also easily expendible. The worlds largest corporation is the US government and the head CEO has a salary of only $400,000 to show for his effort. Compare that to the earnings of some CEO's that range into the multimillions. And when they get bounced out for incompetence, some get severence
  2. I am not interested in other opinions that require reading books that I do not do and have the ambition to take the time required. That title 'Super Capitalism' mey be applied to the 'new world order' that got hit by the Islamic sacrificial terrorists on 9/11. This not only got us involved in a new war, but it has ravaged our economy lately with the bankruptcies, worker sactrifices and other problems. Mike C
  3. My posts all have given reasons for what I write. My understanding of astronomy and cosmology is based on a personal library and 20+ years of discussions within local astronomy clubs and websites. I welcome criticism as long as it is honest and without preduduce. Since my posts are 'new science', I cannot cite any other sources except my own educational self study. An example of establishment science is that they all seem to accept the BBT that I consider to be CosmoGONY . Mike C
  4. When you read my posts, you will always notice a reason given for the article. I do not just dream up articles without some real reason for doing so. I will post some other articles there that will be of interest. These will also create some lively discussions, I'm sure. Mike C
  5. Well, I recognize that capitalism has a say in organizing new industry and the work of designers, engineers and other such personel. But my primary claim is the downsizing of the workers to such lowly levels that is not warrented. A more equitable distribution of the wealth is good for a prosperous economy. Thanks. Mike C
  6. I do NOT endorse communism. If you read the entire article, you would notice that I refuted communism as the source of my Brand of Socialism. It is based on the Constitutional mandat of promoting a 'peoples reprentative government'. Mike C
  7. Well this is a surprise. Thanks. One thing about this site is that I am blocked from new posting and can only reply. I intend to stay on the SF-Original since I have other new posts I can enter their. Thanks again. Mike C
  8. Can you explain what effect this time variance has on the universe? I just do not see how this would effect the current workings of the universe. In othr words, whats the point of these tiny abberations? Mike C
  9. Our country is governed by a government elected by the citizens. Who granted him the right to own any land? Who built the equipment that he uses for drilling for oil? The workers made that equipment originally. This is 'tangible equipment made by some other industry. Our country and its industry is a working partnership harvesting natures wealth. There should be a better and more equitable distribution of this wealth. Mike C
  10. No, It isn't the reason of my criticizing capitalism. It is simply that the distribution of the wealth is being kept by the people that do the harvesting of these 'natural' goods and keeping practically most of the wealth for themselves. In the US economy, the top earners have incomes of about a HALF billion a year while the minimum wage earners have incomes of about 15,000 a year. This is a ratio of 99+ to one. Since this is a lopsided distribution of the wealth. our economy is sinking into a depression and evening out to the third world level. So this UNequal distribution of the wealt
  11. Well, I do not concern myself with nuclear physics because this is the result of the fission and the fusion bombs. I think that these bombs were a big factor in the promotion of the BBT. But my opinion on the Doppler RS observations is that the implications of these observations were accepted while at the same time, they were replaced by the EoS that does not have any preliminary evidence for its support. Also, there is other evidence that refutes the space as the cause of the Cosmological RS. That is the main reasons why I went off into a new direction. As far as evidence is concerned
  12. These tiny effects could result from flying through the Earths magnetic fields since the effects do not match. Such tiny changes are inconsequencial regarding cosmology IMO. Mike C
  13. The capitalist is simply harvesting the oil created millions of years ago by using the workers to restore it for him. Likewise, the harvesting of trees is another similar way of harvesting capital Nature has created. Technically, he does not create it. Justs harvests it for himself by using others. So he claims most of the resulting wealth for himself! I do not question his share of this wealth since he has claimed it to a degree. The question is how much does he deserve and how much does the workers deserve? The US Constitution mandates taxation. Do you say he does not owe the gover
  14. There are two forms of physics, the observed basic physics that we see and is based on the Heliocentric line of scientists up to Bohr and then the man made physics based on the BBT and the nuclear research line of particle physics. What you say Craig, is the latter type that is not commonly spoken of. prerer to stikto phot6ns. Thanks. Mike C
  15. Well yes, science is the object of study while the scientists determine what to teach. The people in power are the ones that determine what to teach. But dollars and religion can influence them. An error they teach is the flow of electricity in solid state electronics that ellectricity flows from positive to negative. The OPPOSITE is true. 'Positive here identifies with the popes and their church. And the proton identifies with the priests? Ha ha. Mike C
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