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  1. religion is against abortion. but when a 10 year old girl got raiped in brazil by her father, she got pregnant from him. so the religios leaders had no choice but to admit that abortion helped. othervice she will be having her father baby wich is worse. and may be even died during the birth.
  2. armagedon is like the end of the world. so yes it will come. any thing that has the begging has an end. since humanity has its own begging that means we will all have end, wothout any reproduction. it may not exactly happen the way it is said in the holly books..........................
  3. riper


    there are alot of things they write about alience. just buy any book on et or ufo sightings and u will go mad from reading it. most of it is like a fantasy, but there is some hard proof. besides look at the sky at night. how many stars can u see ? it cant be that life exists only on our planet.
  4. riper


    actualy it does has a negative effect. and i hate to disappoint you . it can change the chemistry of your brain. it can reflect on your normal sexlife. when you are masturbating you can imaging what ever you like, you can take any fantasy for granted, and u know no limits. now we all have our temptations that we cant let loos. for example if some one has a very hot aunt. and wants to have sex with her. he can masturbate to that. but that will chage his all aproach to her later on.
  5. when we talk about survival of the fitest we do not mean the strongest. if the bird flu affects those with strong immune system mostly then those with weaker ones are meant to survive it. imaging this. the people who live in areas with more cleaner air, air free of CO2, in villages, are said to be more healthier than those living in town, breathing polluted air. but in the period of global warming it is possible that the amount of CO2 will be so much that people will start dying from it. the ones who where living in a more polluted environment will survive better. because their lungs are mor
  6. when i think i dont form words in my head. i rather imaging things. for example, when i am reading books for my examination ( what ever book it is, say physics ) i memorise what i read by forming images of what i am reading in my head. and then when writing the exam i reviw this images. is it normal ?
  7. define instinct first. yes, i believe we have them. but not like in animals. mothers for example that are very attached to their kids, can sense when they are in danger.well all have them. it is the feeling of sensing something without seeing it.
  8. People dont believe in evolution because they always believe what they want to believe. Even the same Bible that you live in is not the same as it was the very day it came into being. It has been changed into what is more convenient for people. this is one of the reasons why we face a lot of problems in the world. Instead of looking at what is actually there, we create our own believes that match with our desires. For example, no body said that hanging a cross with Jesus on your neck is going to protect u from evil but yet a lot believe it will. Evolution denies the very first thing that is w
  9. i dont think there is any propelant existing that can bust the machine to move with speed of light, and even if there is who will control it? we cant even control 400km/h. the surface of that machine has to be strong enough to withstand the friction against the air particles, unles it is in space. but some russian and german research intitutes are working on it.
  10. i know its sounds funny but do u thing that is possible to create something that flyes with speed of light out of the elements fgound on earth. is there any strong metal or aloy that can withsdand it ?
  11. are talking about speed, or movemet ? because is not thesame thing. ligt is the fastest source moving. but i case of speed ( things that hapen per second / microsecond or less ) there are faster things e.g mind.................................................................
  12. nothing that we discoverd can move faster than the light. that is if u are talking about the movement. bu speed of light is not the fastest. if u are talkig about just geting from point A
  13. riper


    i just joined this program. i am looking forward to chat or dicus with some one about science.
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