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    The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.
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    Music, food, cooking, science, spirituality, consciousness, Jung, sobriety
  1. Okay, I'm close to getting it. I understand the meaning of the Heisenberg diddy, yet not the mathematics. Most of this makes sense to me except that I thought the Dirac constant was expressed as h/2pi. I flunked out of math class more than once.
  2. What are the triangles? What is x, p and what does the h with the line through it mean? Thank you.
  3. Two hydrogen atoms walk into a bar. One says, "I've lost my electron." The other says, "Are you sure?" The first replies, "Yes, I'm positive..." :shrug:
  4. Trimtab. That's my ferrets name. I can't say I know a whole lot about Bucky's work. I was more interested in his person. He was a good guy. He made great ableskivers. I still have his recipe. If you'd like me to post it - I'll type it up. RR ;)
  5. Tormod, Thanks. Your song is great - you should send it to the networks. It would fit a "CSI" type crime drama. Ryan :doh:
  6. I didn't mean to imply that your piece sounded sustained. In fact I was betting that there wasn't any sustain on it. Yes, there's an ambient reverb - but that's different. I was thinking that a sustain pedal, used correctly may just bring the notes together - creating a more seamless feel to the passages. You may very well have been going for a more disjointed piano feel, which I can understand might match the "haunting" nature of the song. For me, I always use the sustain pedal - actually, I insist on it. It really brings the notes together, smoothes everything out. Although used i
  7. My computer monitors are not the greatest, but from what I can tell that piano sounds really accurate. Deep, haunting song there my friend - that female species sure has a way of inspiring, or should I say "haunting" us. ;) Are you using a sustain pedal?
  8. Wow, look how young he is. I've never heard the color terms you used before. I would love to play a real Rhodes, I haven't yet. The keys are heavy and seemed somewhat clumsy if my memory serves me correct? (I played on one once - but it wasn't plugged in). I'm all for a heavier feel, as I tend to play really hard if I'm playing rock or funk and end up breaking key weight mechanisms. Does the MK II have overdrive? I thought I remember a certain classic Rhodes keyboard having a knob for overdrive.
  9. I suggest you attend a meeting and see for yourself - otherwise your argument doesn't carry much weight - especially hiding behind Orange like you do. We could go on forever, but I'm not going to go there. This is getting more and more futile. I laugh every time I read your responses. We are speaking two separate languages. I really dig Hypograpghy and am not here to fight with atheists. This is me signing off on this topic. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change the courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.
  10. I've heard the secret to Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies is to add ground oatmeal to the batter. Apparently, they don't taste like oatmeal cookies rather, the ground oats add a depth and chewy texture to the chocolate chip yumminess.
  11. What I was touching on with the sock monkeys comment was the take in AA regarding faith - the only important thing being that you believe in a higher power. It can be a higher power of your choosing. They speak of "God as you understand Him". You can create a God of your choosing if you wish. It's basically a mechanism to undue ones prejudices and associations - which psychologically speaking must be done for one to heal. The Buddhists say that it is attachment that causes suffering. Many people are attached to belief systems that are restricting growth. The 12-Step program detaches
  12. Good point. I've seen human misery on both ends of the spectrum. The most severe human misery stems from unconsciousness. I am with Jung on this one. It's the religious right who seem to be the most unconscious, blinded by their own self deception. Christians need to understand that it is because of the reality of the human heart that a Pharisaic attitude is so destructive. Our greatest delusion is thinking that we can avoid the unconscious and solve the moral problems of life by creating a righteous exterior, or by an ethic of outer obedience to laws. It is not the wearing of a mask tha
  13. Yes, they do and it does them no benefit. Blind concordance to the Bible or anything for that matter - including the orange papers, can only do one harm.
  14. Again, quit referring to Alfred Orange! lol This guy is a spin doctor. You probably also love Michael Moore. Here's the truth about Professor Vaillant, who by the way doesn't even represent AA as a whole: In his book The Natural History of Alcoholism Revisited, Harvard psychiatric professor George E. Vaillant posed seven key questions, the seventh of which was "How helpful is Alcoholics Anonymous in the Treatment of Alcoholism?"[42] Vaillant's book was partly based on his experience with "a vast collaborative effort" that had started with two studies in the late 1930s and was still runni
  15. Do you really blindly believe everything you read? Anybody can throw convincing words and numbers your way. Take a college course in statistics and you'll learn to look at the source before you accept the information. There are people who still believe the earth is flat. Talk to any mental health care professional. Call any local university in your area and speak to the psych department. Call UCLA, USC ..speak to the department heads. Call up ANY psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist in the book. The orange papers ARE quackery and everybody knows it. You lose your credibility by
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