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  1. While we might want to bicker about what the true eccentricities of the planets are, I think the true intent of this thread is being missed by many. (Although an in depth Freudian discussion of the impact of Pluto's demotion from planetary status and it's correlation to its increased erectile dysfunction might be worth while...:() 1. I feel that that it would be pretty safe to classify a planet as a physical/chemical system (and add biological system in the case of the Earth). 2. There are numerous physical/chemical/biological concepts that describe the reaction of said systems when stres
  2. In theory there would be a few ways to do it, but the reality of our understanding of "terrestrial" bacteria is so minor that variances have no real baseline to be compared with and thus would be indiscernible from say, extremeophiles. Outside of vastly unique biology or biochemistry they would be hard to spot. This could ignore the most obvious sign, life; via panspermia.
  3. Buy native fish seems abit like canned hunts IMO.... Any help would be great in terms of this aspect of fish keeping. I know no-one that is remotely interested in it, It's all Africans and reefs. I live in North East Texas (Dallas Area). I need to find out about what minnows and darters are about in the area. I have a smaller tank, so many of the natives just will outgrow the tank...maybe a plot to convince the other half for a new tank though.heheh Ive done some cursory online searches and have found virtually nothing out there... I need to see if there is a group in the area for some han
  4. I am thinking about going with a native tank... It would truly be a very new experience for me.
  5. Is listening to the grind and grunt of my hard drive.... My sound card has gone kaput and everyone else is asleep. Maybe I should hum a diddy of some sort to keep up with the musical spirit of the thread.
  6. Jumping late into the thread with a few points that popped into my head as I read through the 6 or 7 pages. 1. What are the advantages of being atheist? It is simply life without training wheels. I don't have the internal comfort of hitting the afterlife lottery. I must make my life meaningful. Living vicariously through some sect of righteousness is not an option. I will not turn a blind eye to suffering and injustice under the guise "god's plan". I do not have to sheepishly follow CLEARLY immoral codes under the auspices of piety. I do not have to distort fact to comfort myself and propa
  7. I crashed my tank! It has been a bit since I have been able to post (wife is pregnant, just bought a new home, insane at work, etc, etc......) With the new home came the move. While having had great luck with my natural system plant tank for about 2 years, I neglected it a bit prior to the move. It went a bit south and I was rushing to re-set the tank (something besides moving more boxes of books...). I chopped the plants pretty well and think I got an organic spike as I lost all my fish but my banjo cat and 3 of my killies over the next few days. I fell prey to impatience.... But I got t
  8. A simple public majority doesn't make something valid. A simple claim that others believe it to be true is meaningless. There is no real evidence of the supernatural. If you want to go chase shadows and anthropomorphize every natural phenomena as your dead grandma trying to talk to you go ahead. Just don't call it science.
  9. Basic first aid for pets is pretty close to that of humans. The main thing you have to be weary of is any sort of medication. Basic wound care is pretty much the same as well as the Heimlich. One should remember that an injured animal is a stressed animal and is much more likely to bite. Pet overpopulation is a huge problem (I run a local animal shelter). It is amazing what simple things can help reduce the homeless animal population. Spay/neutering has a huge impact. A single unaltered dog or cat can potentially grow to 60,000 pets in 6 years (The wonders of exponential growth...). Mic
  10. While not specifically a rare word, but cleave is one of my favorites. A common meaning to mean to split. An older usage means to stick together. Fun to be your own antonym.
  11. I would have to add the whole mangrove complex.
  12. I think there are a few things floating about in this thread. I feel that science is out to determine fact. Truth is outside the realm of science. Truth IMO is interpretation of fact. Many of the theories in science are conclusions drawn from various forms of observation. Such as mathematical extrapolation, modeling or direct observation. The observation may not be complete so the theory may end up being wrong. Fact will be augmented as new information is discovered. Atomic structure is a good example. The Bohr model resembling our solar system makes sense and works out with basic mathemati
  13. You are more likely to be killed by a bee than a shark, or that matter even your wife.. Average deaths per year : Bee-90 Shark-10 Wife- 300
  14. I had not looked that closely.. I has assumed it was a mimic octopus, connecting it with the blue-ring in your signature...
  15. It is mathematically impossible to get more than 25 points in the merits... So even an ideal woman with straight seams on her hose and darns socks religiously still would rate as poor...
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