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  1. Crank I accept… But traitor??? What the Hell do you mean??? ???
  2. Totally agree! Tell me that I propose a new theory in Physics debunking not only "Relativity", but "Quantum Physics", the "Standard Model" of particles and the "Electromagnetic Wave" theories all at once. Everything in a book: "A New Light In Physics" (https://sites.google.com/view/anewlightinphysics).
  3. It s said "Dark Matter" occupies about 90% of the Universe. If it was dark we would see quite nothing from the Universe in telescopes. We wouldn't see stars nor galaxies. Actually it should be "Transparent Matter"!
  4. I took a look at my profile… I wonder how someone with just 152 posts can get the bad negative -1831 likes! Amazing!!! What else could be expected from the mainstream to someone proposing, not a new theory, but a totally new Physics debunking Relativity, Quantum Physics and even the Standard Model of basic particles at once, isn't it? I understand… :cool: Now I'll wait for the shower of silly comments about this…
  5. It must be noted that by definition: p = mv Then: dp/dt = mdv/dt + vdm/dt = ma + vdm/dt While F = ma (demonstrated by rockets' dynamics) dp/dt = F + vdm/dt It follows that F = dp/dt only if dm/dt = 0 meaning constant mass only
  6. This is an extract of "Appendix A" in my manuscript on a new theory which can be accessed through the link in my profile if someone would be interested. The real Equation of Force is F = ma Today's Physics is stating that the Equation of Force is F = dp/dt. We will analyze the equation of motion of rockets to see that the real Equation of Force is: F = ma A rocket has variable mass in its trajectory and it's important to see its motion equation. Let m be its variable mass at any instant in its movement composed by the mass of the rocket plus the mass of its contained fuel. I have mad
  7. ​Yes it can be done, for instance with a term similar to the current formula at planetary scale but vanishing at galactic scale and another inversely valid as it should at galactic scale but vanishing at planetary scale. Of course some properties of the gravitational field could be different, may be it would not be a conservative field anymore (only approximately at planetary scale) but it would work. But I know, useless to research on this possibility and even to discuss it here, isn't it?
  8. But within Classical Physics the difference in the observation of galaxies rotation could be accounted simply modifying the gravitational formula. After all Newton even didn't know about the existence of galaxies when proposing the formula isn't it? But this is imposssible with Relativity Theory. It would not work with a different formula. That's why this possibility is not taken into account and the possibility of dark matter is considered even without confirmation untill nowadays. Now a decisión must be done, you can look for a new theory or stubbornly continue looking for a possibly inexist
  9. With the assumption of UNDETECTABLE things in a theory any theory could be developed since it could never be proven wrong! This way anyone can invent any theory! To sustain Relativity Theory the concept of UNDETECTABLE "dark matter" was developed but about hundred years have passed without experimental confirmation... To sustain Quantum Physics the concept of UNDETECTABLE "virtual particles" was developed but there's no experimental confirmation on them... Don't you think is time for a totally new theory in Physics? I have a very good start-point for one without any undetectable thing. For th
  10. Good otherones looking in similar direction...
  11. Well, I must admit that my argumentation on the op is flawed. The reason is the following question I (myself) asked in other forum:
  12. The Electric and Magnetic Forces are undoubtedly “action at a distance” forces what cannot be denied. This means that a “Physics System” would exist “running” the Physics Laws on the elementary particles. This leaves us to think in a mathematically based Universe that would “run” in some kind of “Universal Supra-computer”. There's no other way possible! The proof of the existence of a deistic "God" follows quite obviously: Some kind of "Superior Intelligence" must have 1) built the “Universal Supra-computer” machine, 2) programmed the Physics Laws in the machine and 3) setted the numerical v
  13. What do you think about the following hypothetical dialog? Source: Metaphysics thoughts Is not related to any religious concept of God but to Deism (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deism).
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