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  1. G'day, My spin on terra mulata was (and should be) a system of establishing an area for food production, tree/s were felled into a pre dug trench, sourounding vegetative material added then the lot covered with the pre removed dirt, humidity and bacterial activity would leed to spontainous combustion, the result a low grade charcoal and no terra cotta chards. (This could be used when clear felling or dosing regrowth, buried and fired. Expensive YES but what is the price of good healthy soil)( 1 acre or 1000 acres the cost is the same per unite and we have chippers and trenchers now) Terra pret
  2. G'day, My only suggestion is "Soilandhealth" web site go to ag libary and look for Krasilnikov's Soil microorganisms and higher plants, if of value don't forget to thank Steve. Regards, Douglas.
  3. G'day, Next time use two drums, a 55 gal drum, remove both ends cut 4, 2 x 2 inch air inlets to light fire later, the top needs a cover and a chimney (I cut up a second 55 made a fitted top with 2 inch lip and chimney, cut remainder lengthwise roll compressed and tied and inserted now having a lined fire box) and inside a inverted smaller dimention container/bucket about 2 inches shorter than the 55 (robust construction)(I use a discarded electric hot water cylinder one end removed) tightly packed with material to charcoal stand inverted on the disgarded bottom of the first 55 no airspace requ
  4. Can anywon offer information the microbial count of terra preta and terra mulata,a teaspoon of good soil has 500+ million microbes,25 thousand + species of bacteria,10 thousand + species of fungi and others. Thanks, Douglas.
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    G'day Tormad, Aviation is an industry of choice in theory requires no education just sense of self preservation,situational awareness and a big hip pocket,like agriculture you are working within the confines of nature,push the boundaries and you maybe permanently farming in a marble orchard. Aviation offers you the ability to meet people you would normally not have access to and be paid to see the world,on several occasions at night I have sat/camped around a campfire with geologist,archaeologist,village chiefs and other interesting people and this starts to put the richness into life and thes
  6. Douglas


    G'day all, I spent some time as a farm labourer's assistant(dad seemed to labour for the bank)so I milked cows more than 10 years therefore should qualify for a PH'd in bovine lactation,dad sold the farm so I tried aviation for 35 years till forced retirement.My wife has a property in the Granite Belt in Queensland Australia which we operate on a soft chemical basis.I am involved with a Landcare Organic group and I talk/demonstrate on biodynamics/microbial brewing/divining/charcoal-dark earth/radionics/broadcast towers/holistic management and practical land use,maybe I do not understand nature
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