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  1. Well it was 2.48PM when you made that post and it's 2.50PM now! It's a gloriously bright and sunny Winter's day. :artgallery:
  2. This idea of men not having handbags is not only a terribly Western idea, it also strikes me as perversely Anglo-centric too. I've spent a lot of time in France where it was quite unusual for a man to not have a handbag of some description. (Sorry for the nitpick, but it hadn't been covered yet in the thread) The fear of homosexuality in straight men that Buffy referred to is something that mystifies myself as well. One of the aspects of my notion of a "real man" is that he is comfortable with his sexuality (whatever that may be) and appearing contrary to that sexuality shouldn't be a bother
  3. Myopia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is an interesting resource, full of conflicting statistics to boot! :artgallery: We have 58.33% of members wearing glasses at least "some of the time", compared to an estimate of 20% for the USA. (Article here). Interesting:
  4. Talk about strenuous leaps of logic made to support a pre-conceived conclusion! "Intelligence is not a factor for explaining wealth" means that not all extraordinarily wealthy people are extraordinarily intelligent or that not all wealth can be attributed to intelligence. This in no way implies that "most" business leaders are unintelligent -- I suspect the truth of the matter to be contrary to such a proposition.
  5. G'day, I'm still more-or-less in your position, albeit a few years ahead. I'm in my final year of high school and I'm looking forward to starting either a BSc, a BE or both next year. The arrangments are different in Australia to the USA, but I'm doing English, French, Physics, Maths Methods and Specialist Maths in my final year at school. I guess the best advice for you is to read as much as possible! If science requires anything of you; it's an open mind! The best scientific minds aren't those that accept everything as tried and true, but question everything - this is at the heart of sci
  6. For what it's worth, those crazy right turn lanes only exist at a few intersections in the Melbourne CBD and they're to avoid hassles with trams (ie: never play chicken with a tram :artgallery:)
  7. Aw shucks, that's too kind. :huh: I love the SatireWire website -- it's an absolute pity they shut up shop so long ago. :eek2:
  8. What a delightfully bizarre thread. :huh: Also to start us off is the ever-enjoyable etiquette in Australia (and New Zealand) article on Wikipedia. Foreigners always get a good chuckle out of it. :eek2:
  9. Speaking of moving faster than the speed of light, I absolutely love Cherenkov radiation - it's so pretty! Cherenkov radiation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. Craig's solution is the one I came up with before I realised there were more posts in the thread. :huh:
  11. I think it might have already been said, but the Earth is in fact being attracted to the person in free fall -- but the relative masses mean the Earth doesn't move very much at all. :huh:
  12. I guess now that the friendly neighbourhood admin has welcomed me, I've been inducted into the community. :huh: After seeing the "Similar threads" for this page, I feel thoroughly unoriginal. :eek2: EDIT: I've paid for a basic subscription, but I've noticed that my PM box is still limited to one message. Will this always be so?
  13. Haha, forgive me! I can't remember the last time I watched any sort of television, let alone US TV! I blame it on the Internet. Do believe me when I say I can usually be quite sure of myself elsewhere, but I'm afraid that here I'll be caught out for the sham that I am (hah, it rhymes :P) so I won't poke that particular hornet's nest. :D To be honest, I don't know a lot about either, yet. :P What I do know is that the more I learn, the more I realise I don't know and have to learn -- and the vicious cycle continues! My head hasn't exploded yet, however I expect that to happen within the ne
  14. PuGZ

    Fill? Fil?

    Aussi (j'ai oublié), je ne reçu pas de messages personnels. Peut-etre il y avait un erreur?
  15. PuGZ

    Fill? Fil?

    Salut eric, Je suis surprisé que vous avez repondu très vitement! Je suis heureux que vous croyez que mon français est bon, parce que depuis il y a trois mois, je travaillais beaucoup pour amelieror mon français! Merci beaucoup pour la terminologie, c'est très utile! Il m'aidera beaucoup parce que j'essaie parler français sur l'Internet mais il y a trop de mots specifiques qu'on ne rendre-compte pas jusqu'à c'est trop tard! Je voudrais dire plus, mais j'ai beaucoup de devoirs et il faut faire les devoirs! J'écrirai quelque chose demain!
  16. G'day aariel1003, EDIT: Apparently I can't post links as my post count is < 10. Try going to h t t p : / / content . mycareer . com . au /salary-centre/engineering/ and h t t p : / / content . mycareer . com . au /salary-centre/healthcare/. Hopefully that works. While I'm not trying to suggest that MyCareer is indicative of the job market at large or employment trends in Australia, it does give a reasonable idea of current demand for particular industries. As you can see, most Engineering professions have an average salary of $75,000 - $95,000 (note: these are not averages for gra
  17. I found it via his Myspace profile.
  18. PuGZ

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    Salut tout le monde! Je viens de devenir un membre de ce forum et je parle un peu de français, mais j'ai le même problème comme eric! Je sais les mots pour l'ordinateur et choses comme ça en anglais mais en français.. je ne les sais pas du tout! J'apprenais français depuis six ans maintenant, mais ce n'est pas claire, n'est -ce pas? Malheureusement, mon français est terrible parce que je ne pratique assez. Je n'ai pas souvent l'opportunitie pour parler le français car très peu de personnes parlent français en Australie. Donc, je peux seulement parler à mon professeur, ce qui j'essaie à fa
  19. Howdy all, I'm yet another Australian to join these fair forums! My name is Aidan, I'm a high school student living in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia and I've always have a passion for all things science and technology. While I may not be able to contribute an awful lot just now (final year of high school!) compared to some of the more educated members, I hope to learn a lot and participate in interesting discussions! I'm planning on pursuing a career in Science and Engineering (of the Mathematical and Electrical kinds, respectively), which seems fairly in line with most other
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