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  1. It sounds to me as little more than one man stirring the pot in a bid to garner some interest for his latest book. While it is true that the majority of low-level (in terms of skill and application, not computer terms) programmers will never need to write their own algorithm, it's absolutely essential that they have an understanding of Big-O notation and the mathematics behind it. Without this vital knowledge, programmers will only ever accidentally stumble upon correct solutions to simple problems. Computer scientists - on the other hand - are not low-level code-monkeys and will always ne
  2. Free will - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I'll expand upon this when I get home, but for now I'd advise that you read up on compatibilism and see why others may disagree with you regarding determinism and free will.
  3. And that's assuming the human mind isn't deterministic! Free will might be an illusion for all we know. ;)
  4. Dr Karl writes for the Good Weekend and often appears on ABC radio. He often has quite interesting things to say. :D
  5. PuGZ

    Fill? Fil?

    Bonjour déjà tout le monde! J'avais lu mes e-mails et puis j'ai trouvé un email qui dit qu'il y a messages dans ce fil! Bien-sur, j'étais heureux! À propos de claviers, j'ai un Macbook. Tous les Macbooks (au moins dans l'Australie) ont les claviers QWERTY, mais ce n'est pas un problème pour moi. C'est le cas parce que quand on utilise le "alt" et "e" à la méme temps, il le permis à créer un "é" ou "á", etc. On peut aussi utiliser le "`", "u", etc. C'est difficile pour moi à l'expliquer, mais j'éspere que vous me compris! Il y a quelque jours, j'ai dû faire un examen pour le français par
  6. I've never known anyone to be so fanatical about Australia online -- I love it! ;) The whole Dalai Lama fiasco was pretty poor. It's worrying that our leaders would almost rather pander to the Chinese than their own populace. At least common sense won out in the end.
  7. For anyone who is interested in seeing the show that Michael is talking about, this is the link to the episode download page. It's very good of the ABC to offer these.
  8. I once managed 2,000 posts in two months at another forum -- but that was slightly less intellectual than this'un. In a few years' time I expect this forum to be up there on The largest Message Boards and Forums on the web! ;)
  9. I've no doubt - it's easy to talk big when you don't have bills to pay. That said, a lot of kids at my school want nothing but money from the future -- at least I'm not setting myself up for disappointment!
  10. I'm still dependent upon my parents, so any money I do earn is more than I need! However - and I may be in the minority in saying this - I do not yearn for the big bucks. I'll be quite happy living on the median wage as long as I'm in my dream job doing the work that I've always wanted to do, surrounded by a family I love. I think a lot of people confuse money and wealth.
  11. I think mathematics education is an absolute mess in most western countries. We have kids that go through eleven years of schooling and can't fill out a tax return, can't work out the total for their shopping bill and can't split a bill. It is these skills in mathematics (and logical thinking!) that are so sorely missed by so many. While I can't imagine a life without higher maths (and I've barely scratched the surface, having not even finished high school yet), I am very well aware of what Michael is talking about. We're stuck in an old-school rut (excuse the pun) consisting of material mea
  12. PuGZ

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    Merci, nimzo. :shrug: Je suis étonné que autant gens pensent que j'écris bien français! Peut-être vous devez m'ecouter, et puis vous direz quelque chose differente. :confused: Je voudrais habiter au Québec ou nulle part où les personnes parlent français ou même si presque - ce serai plus facile pour pratiquer mon français parlé (Je pense que 'parlé' est le bon mot) Hier, j'ai un examen petit pour français - il faut écrirer au moins 250 mots et ne plus que 300 mots. Nous avons dû écrirer d'esclavage. Je suis heureux parce que j'ai utilisé le mot "dont" (par example; "c'est l'homme dont le f
  13. Uh, it doesn't show diameter? The Wikipedia page you linked to only shows radius, which is half the diameter!
  14. Mean time between failures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : That ought to clear up a few misconceptions stated in the thread so far. That said, I believe that most twentieth century computers will still be functional two hundred years from now -- provided that they are stored in a vacuum. Given regular use, I can't imagine most lasting more than a quarter of that!
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