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  1. Do you have any actual data to support these statements? An Operational Definition of either Introvert or Extrovert?
  2. I'm curious. How do you operationally* define subconscious or conscious? *An Operational Definition tells one how an entity is measured.
  3. It's more expensive but I think that copper screening would be better. Any AC is going to carry RF that it picks up in the outside environment. You'd do better with 12VDC from batteries inside the cage, but the networking will be a problem. Grounding can be problematic, you need to avoid ground loops by tying all grounds individually to a single grounding point. It's been a long time since I did any electrophysiological research but I do recall having a "random" transient that I couldn't eliminate until I realized that it was from the elevator doors opening about 50 ft from my lab. At tha
  4. Did I come across as too pedantic? Sorry. Just trying to add another dimension to the discussion.
  5. You've made an awful lot of assumptions here that you couldn't possibly provide support for. They all seem to start from a single conceptual point - that intelligence is something beyond behavior. No one has ever measured intelligence, they've simply measured behavior in a certain (testing) situation and inferred this nebulous characteristic.
  6. Let's try this: Prove to me that you "Silently Soliloquize". Provide me with objective evidence that you do this. I'll wait. B)
  7. Better to say "all animals have behaviors" and leave out the unmeasurable notion of thought. "Thought" is inferred from behavior, not directly observed in any other creature than oneself. :D
  8. Sorry, but that is just more of the heavy misinformation load that this thread is carrying. First, it's pointless to make statements about cross-species intelligence measures since there is no concrete definition of intelligence. The controversy that has been going on for decades is whether "Intelligence" is a single property (often called "g") or if it is some summation of a number of individual skills. Second, the term and its measurement were based on Binet's attempts to determine learning potential in children; it's a reasonably good predictor of academic success although academic suc
  9. I'm sure you meant something else. Neurology is a medical science dealing with the Nervous System and disorders that affect it.
  10. The Wikipedia definition is pretty good: It often describes a situation in which one holds a belief but behaves in ways opposite to that belief. The solution, according to Festinger, is that the individual change either his/hers belief or their behavior to make belief and behavior consonant (in agreement).
  11. The only link to the actual clinical definition of Autism appears to be broken so I've copied the definition from DSM IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition, published by the American Psychiatric Association). NOTE: For some strange reason several emoticons and copyright signs appear in the quoted text. They don't belong there and don't show up in the Edit window. :angry: If the symptoms do not meet these criteria then the disorder is NOT Autism. This is extremely important when looking at such issues as claims about vaccinations, therapies, etc. I
  12. Well, science doesn't "prove" anything, it reduces uncertainty but never achieves certainty. But here you start with a dubious claim ("Blind or blindfolded participators might produce text") and then move on to a conclusion/question that assumes that the claim is supported. All that such an observation would support is that you were a passive participant and that someone else was moving the planchette. What would such neurological research focus on? How would neurological research support "Abilities of and Proof of Existence of the 'Unconscious' mind"? You seem to be wandering thr
  13. True, but there is a religion for agnostics. :)
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