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  1. Hey guys, well I am going to school for network engineering, and I'm a Junior. So I am taking fairly advanced courses, and for one we have to practically reverse engineer a cisco 2514 series router which is old. My professor wants a portfolio that encompasses the hardware architecture, the iOS architecture, and the software of said router as well as an analysis for each thing. Right now I am stumped on a particular piece of the hardware. We had to open up our router, record EVERY chip in it, and use that to construct a Hardware Logical Architecture Drawing. I am kind of stumped on the pr
  2. So we're doomed then? :-P Well, what can be done? If many people share the same views on this, shouldn't there be people who are working to do something about this?
  3. I am not sure this is true but from what I have seen, especially in the current presidential race is that the current runners do not seem qualified to run the country. Well, I understand nobody is really Qualified to run the country, but past presidents and current runners do not seem to have enough understanding of the country as a whole to effectivly manage the country. Now I understand that the president is more of a manager, someone who can take the experts in their fields and use the information they produce to run the country, but given the current economic situation wouldn't it be bette
  4. I was watching a few different abbott and constello movies, and one of the things they keep saying to Lou is "Take your hands out of your mouth, do you want to poison yourself?" Is this just a joke, or does it have an actual meaning? I mean, I know if you don't wash your hands and you put them in your mouth you can catch something, but poison? Was that what people thought back in the 40's-50's?
  5. I was watching a Daily Show episode that was dumped onto my Hulu.com queue today, it was Jan 3rd, and they mentioned the birds and fish of Arkansas again. Does anyone know why this happened? I would think pollution but the birds died many miles away from the fish (I think). So What if it was some sort of magnetic disturbance? Do drum fish rely on the magnetic field like birds do? Or am I way off the mark? What do you think?
  6. What surprises me the most is that the government obviously has analysts to predict and monitor this stuff, but they don't seem to see the obvious problems. Anyways, your models show what happens in the relatively short term. My plan would be to flesh my idea out, chop it up into small steps, and slowly integrate it into the market over the course of a decade or so, with help from the largest companies in the industry. Also, when the government did that affordable housing thing, didn't the banks take advantage of that and start giving out bad loans like candy? Before I implemented my idea r
  7. Hey, Hows it going everybody? I haven't been on in a loong time. Last night I had an awesome idea. We have been looking at this healthcare system all wrong. Since most of America doesn't want universal healthcare due to our problem with material wealth nobody has been able to find a really helpful fix that works for all parties. But I looked at this problem a different way, and saw that no matter how you work it money is still an issue. So I jumped to the next logical conclusion, taking money out of the equation. How does that work, you ask? Well from what I understand most hospitals are run
  8. I want to know which speech by Father Roy Bourgeois this quote is from "We can see our country at work in Latin America, on the side of the men with the guns, the sweatshops, the IMF of the World Bank." It continues with "We are on the side of the poor; on the side of life and hope and nonviolence..." I want to give this speech for my public speaking class but I can't find the full text or video anywhere.
  9. So I am writing a Science fiction book, and I am nearly done with the preliminary outline. I was just wondering what would a ship that is over 16 million cubic meters (m3) (565 034 668 cubic feet) need to link and control all the computers, engines, weaponry, and communications? This a purely theoretical exorcise which is to help me in my book, somewhat. So go nuts with the theoretical stuff, but keep it realish, so limit it to theoretically technology, please. Thanks!
  10. And I found another site called IndieGoGo which doesn't have quite as strict policies for creating a project. In Kickstarter my project was turned down. here it is at the IndieGoGo site http://www.indiegogo.com/Custom-Computer-Designs#share
  11. Nothing that I have really fleshed out yet. I was thinking of building a tiny storage server to start off with, or another computer that i could integrate into other projects, a liquid cooled computer that doesnt use hoses etc etc. I don't have many objects to cram computer parts into at the moment, but if I manage to get funding I will have a brainstorming session :-) Oh, and I am going to build my own computer cases. I have found a website that sells motherboards for very little cash, I think the cheapest one is around $18 dollars at geeks.com So I will want to learn how to cluster. Those a
  12. actually I just found a good one called Kickstarter
  13. Hi everyone, Its your friendly Internet college geek! I haven't been on in a while due to school work. Which is actually kind of ironic because I am supposed to be working on a speech that I have to give tomorrow :-P Anyways I am bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. BORED. We've all been there at one time or another. So I want to do something interesting. I TRIED dual booting slackware, and its fun, except my wireless card is a BROADCOM and if anyone has ever tried to use a broadcom P.O.S. with linux, its annoying. So I came up with a new idea. I want to design, build, and implement technology, or fi
  14. great idea, if I find some money for food and a cage I might do that, but i haven't seen or heard the mice in a while since it started getting colder. I think there was only one mouse. A real long time ago (when I was in 6th grade) one of my friends had a hamster that made noise all night, so he built a wooden box with boards that were almost half an inch thick and he would place it over the cage at night, I guess he didnt want to move the cage out of his room :-P
  15. I think dogs might be able to figure out basic context, in the animal kingdom the barring of the teeth (smiling) is a threat, dogs use it with each other as well as us when they are angry or protective, but they growl in addition to the barring of the teeth. So yea I think they have adopted some of our social cues. At the animal shelter where I volunteered over the summer there was a small dog that barred her teeth when she was happy, at first I thought she was being aggressive until i asked and was told she does that when she is happy. Uhh back to the original thing, dogs and cats are smart
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