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  1. See, even if that was reliable data, AND if protons were the only energy source its not enough to get you out of the woods. higher energy means more velocity and so more flux/s so 8 hours with a low thermal conductivity material like polyethene is trouble. Because of the desperation to believe the impossible no-one is prepared to look at the electron contribution. 100000/cubiccm at12000km , electrons up to 5Mev is bad enough. "100000/ cubiccm at 50000km energies are around 7MeV" is actually a lot more heat than that 50Mev Proton estimate (tsoline mikaelian, "spacecraftcharging and radiation
  2. Space probe electronics are rated in megarads. Roughly a million times more than humans can handle. This just means it has chunky non-miniturised circuits, micro electronics just get beaten up to easily. You also have to realise that circuit boards are a good hundred times thinner than humans. So a particle travelling at 100 MeV might drop around 100x100=10000 x less rads (energy) in a circuit board than a human. I do think you are on to a telling point with this archaic0. If megarad electronics can handle say 1 billion times as much as a human: Why bother to build them this tough. If a hum
  3. The idea of utilising the energy content of waste or grown biomass that is based on hydrogen oxidation and retaining the carbon for other uses is great. Carbon is the most useful atom for structural purposes and producing only h2o from our storable/transportable energy systems would be terrific. A no-o2 high temp enviroment is needed for this. The solar furnace is a good system to engineer such a device. To maximise the efficiency heat exchangers are necessary to avoid wasting the thermal energy applied to the processed hydrocarbon/carbohydrate mass. The system should extract the heat of the
  4. Cryosphere Today - Northern Hemisphere Cryosphere Animation is a good animation of the last month. the refreeze is beginning to happen, about a month latter than normal. The Arctic Icecap has for the last 2 months been a swirling mess of broken ice and open water. The northwestern passage above Canada has spent a month completely clear of ice, and the north eastern above russia has only had a few bergs around severnaya zemlya. When it broke up it was quite spectacular, a huge spiral visibly circling the pole from norway to baffin is in less than a week sept 12, Polar Sea Ice Cap and S
  5. Of course most of the Us presidents of the last 50 years are oppressive and corrupt dictators. Everyone knows George organised the planes being flown into buildings and the missile clearly visible hitting the pentagon in internationally publicised video. And the plane shot down in the rural area as was clear on international media 11/7/2001. Basic setting up of a replacement demon for communisim, which had rebranded itelf out of the propaganda. Number three is inarguably standard for US companies addicted to selling what costs them near nothing, made by offshore slaves. number four is unfort
  6. A big limitation is obviosly the need for hardened electronics. This could be avoided if a sensible earth-moon vehicle is used. putting the goods inside a snowball of frozen fuel is the answer for getting any microelectronics through the rad belts. over 50 tons of shielding is needed otherwise. If you use your fuel as the shielding then no probs. Daytime moon is still a bit messy tho.:naughty:
  7. No Question humanity has been caught in an unfortuitous timespace at present. The earths climate systems were at their most stressed at the end of an interglacial when the temp and co2 was maxing. We've pushed things over the edge with our "anthropogenic" contributions. The North polar icecap has disintegrated this year into a swirling mess of bergs and open water with less than half the sea ice mass of last year. The ability of the ecosphere to absorb co2 and produce 02 has reduced over 10% the last decade alone. Equivalent to over half the co2 produced by humans. This an exciting time. more
  8. Its clear that Apollo was a myth as our study of the radiation belt and the specifications of the apollo craft reveal that even my conservative estimates of the radiation flux and heating effect, based on average energy of 50MeV which I now understand are most likely in the range of 5 to 10 times lower than actual, reveal that attempting to shield the radiation from the apollo crew in the craft claimed to have made the trip would have quickly melted it (especially if polyethylene was the shield as is now claimed) and would have within a few minutes, probably as little as 5 or less created an i
  9. Natuarally spin is eliminated easily by equatorial tracking systems. Simple technology available to any one with a few old car wrecks. Active optics where any descent mirrors have been equiped for years with hydraulic distorters and lasers to map asmospheric distortion have removed any advantage to telescopes beyond the earths surface. Except for the wavelength of light problem that limits resolving power at a distance. A dissapointing example is that the moon with its easy and cheap access by unmanned probes has been disallowed any close viewing by orbital telescopes that are common above our
  10. The attached moon pic is a photo of the moon in the X-ray spectrum. I am certain that Nasa is correct that these X-rays behave very differently on the moon to here on earth, and are less penetrating to sheets of paper than ordinary light. I am certain that they cannot have any effect on photography or astronauts with aluminium foil shielded suits on the moon. The black body X-ray production of the Suns 1 million Kelvin corona is supplemented by production of X-rays by particles in the Solar wind interacting with each other and solids they hit through the processes of: Charge transfer, Thomso
  11. “ Sigh! completely wrong. more bombs easier bombs, smaller lighter dirtier bombs. Yeah, great stuff that Pu. 3 neutrons per fission so breeding more of it than you burn is easy! what a great idea! more and more Pu being trucked around and reprocessed by Homers I don't think so. Crush them and reprocess for weapons easy as. They just want the pebbles shipped to america for reprocessing and back again. Gotta get the bucks for america right mr Leyland good payola for serving up an energy monopoly I bet mr Leyland. Politicians and media suck. They both think greasy *** licking is far bette
  12. :hihi: No! thorium is only useable as fission fuel if converted to u233 in a breeder reactor, a far easier material to make bombs out of than u235 or pu239. No because it is at best as expensive as a pu breeder reactor, 100+ times as expensive if an accelerator is used to achieve a sustained reaction. U238 is stockpiled already and a known factor with all emergent problems understood in its breeding. No mining and separation from the 10x as much radioactivity in thorium decay chain products in the ore to be left to fly around the enviroment and generate further indirect expense through heal
  13. Second you on both statements! Other than the obvious advantage that they are self building structures that are much cheaper than superconducting magnetic toruses to setup, the other advantage for fusion is that you can form a big low pressure one and then by increasing the pressure in the containment sphere, compress them to very high density without destroying the magnetoplasmoid.
  14. Yep! As long as its not fake crab (shark meat mushed up and washed to remove all the oils) or tuna from a can (asked if it was fresh in a sushi restaurant once and got pretty mad when it turned out canned. Apparently fresh from a can!) used to make it a lot. I'm more of a sashimi man now though. Can think of some good raw without serious salivation. Trevally is one of the best. Any tuna, kingfish salmon or trout - the pelagics- are great raw. Bottom feeding scumfish like snapper or cod not so good.
  15. Interesting ideas mike. Thanks for revising for us. Hope your computer blues are on the mend. We had a synthetic petrol plant in nz that turned methanol to long alkanes using an aluminosilicate catalyst and high heat and pressure. Maybe what was really happening is some of those deep extremophiles invaded it as a surface colony. I was under the impression most of them got their energy from sulphur. I'm sure its a very complex ecology though. Many of them have invaded our local hotsprings. microorganisms have been fingered for producing tiny uranium pearls recently. I hope we don't have to wo
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