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  1. We're slow? N.J. Governor Signs Death Penalty Ban Into Law - December 18, 2007 - The New York Sun :shrug: Many of us hate what we have, but most of the time, we're not really empowered to make any really changes. Like take for example, we all know, Constitutionally, a president cannot declare war... but... it happens and has been happening for ~40 years. How do you fight something like that? And the only politicians who call it like is are marginalized (Ron Paul) and people don't feel voting for them is worth it. :eek: Voting Green is seen as wasting your vote. If it was clear voting for t
  2. Actually, modern science is the cause of the large rise in human population (=])... -People live longer -Children survive infancy and the first five years -Health care is increasingly improving, etc. (I think the only way we can effectively 'control' the birthrate is to change the perceptions of people and encourage birth control... advocating abortion is too tricky considering people relate their religious beliefs to their sense of self, IMO)
  3. It says I have a male/female brain (in the median of the spectrum):eek: . And that I'm a right brain thinker... Not true.
  4. Beautiful. Who are these people who don't have to work? The Waltons? The Johnsons? The British Royal family?
  5. What awful truth? Who's guilt? And what do Zionists need to be held accountable for? Be specific.
  6. "Disadvantaged" white people are not so BECAUSE of their race. Yeah... I think it's called 'white supremacy...'
  7. M'eh... I think most (thinking) people know how ridiculous it is; continuing the myth is just really, really convenient. Really.
  8. Probably b/c there were so few educated African-Americans. The Civil Rights Movement and the anti-slavery movement would have probably been a lot more ...difficult (impossible?) without the support and activism of white (mostly Christian) people. I wish those individuals were recognised more for their efforts... It's all fine and dandy to indentify yourself as "coloured" (I still don't understand the point of that term), but as long as white privilege exists and you are regarded as European in heritage... :) It really doesn't mean much. ...And what kind step is a fat one? Just curious.
  9. Nope. I love welcomes, but nice try, Tormod. :) Thank you.
  10. I don't like introductions very much. Especially forced intros. So, yeah, hi... Have a nice day. I guess that's it. :hihi:
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