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  1. Becca

    Euro 2008

    you're not going to get a good representation of the actual percentage for people who are watching Euro 2008 on this site because there seems to be a huge over-representation of north america on here most of whom won't be that interested because there are so many other sports to follow over there. there have been some brilliant games so far and some amazing comebacks. i'm watching Turkey vs Gurmany at the moment in the first semi. it's amazing that Turkey got even this far when you look at the other huge footballing nations in the competition. i was supporting the Netherlands (NOT Holland!!!!)
  2. Becca

    Funny pics

    Most of the funny pictures i look at come from here: Lolcats ā€˜nā€™ Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger? It has cats, dogs, politics and people doing some of the stupidest things i have ever seen. Well worth a look. Or two :confused: Becca
  3. Didn't somebody do this with atomic clocks? There was one stationary and one was accelerated to high speeds on some sort of (monorail style) track. The two clocks recorded different durations for the moving clock's trip. The difference was very small but thought to be accurate because of the nature of the clocks. Can anybody back me up on this? Becca
  4. i know what you mean Sanctus, it's hard not to get annoyed when people don't answer their mobiles because you know that they're almost always in their pockets. i don't mind being contactable at all time of the day and night because nobody really calls me. honestly most of my calls are for my boyfriend because he is one of those annoying people who don't answer their phones. GGRRRRRRRR.
  5. I am currently studying lightning and the energy transfer which goes with it. I am working on the expansion of the air due to the heating caused by the passage of a stroke of lightning through the air. How fast does a column of an ideal gas expand under known temperature increase? I hope someone can help as I seem to be out of ideas. Becca
  6. We will probably never know much about any of those higher dimensions because we can't perceive them in any way that we can with the others. I don't think time travel would be a dimension though, it's a movement through some or all of the others.
  7. freeztar, "Of course Mozart is going to be better for the mind than Brittany Spears or Crazy Frog." Apparently Mozart is especially good for your brain. I think it's something to do with it being rhythmic but also very complex and your mind sort of sees it as a puzzle. What this actually does is make the two halves of your brain work together more (especially at the time of listening to it) which is why people say to listen to classical music while studying, you learn the concepts in a logical and artistic way which leads to a fuller understanding. That's my understanding of it anyway.
  8. WOW, i just felt my first earthquake! i'm in Leicester, England. anybody feel it anywhere else? woop, woop. Becca
  9. Becca


    Concentration gaps are those parts of lectures where you find yourself having a cheeky snooze :shrug:
  10. Apparently (QI has never failed me before) Queen Elizabeth the first had 4 baths per year, "even if she didn't need one". One of the things i find most humorous at the moment is the moonwalking bird on youtube: try it.
  11. turns out i was sort of right in the first place. it was almost a trick question. there was a storm (i wouldn't worry about the historical accuracy too much) and it moved towards the fleets. by the morning of the battle it was close enough for the ships to be hit by the short frequency waves. tut.
  12. I have done a little sailing off the coasts of Scotland and the south of England but navigation is a bit beyond me, sorry. I'm also looking up your suggestion Buffy :naughty:
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