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  1. Thanks Infinite, much appreciated. I lived in Austin in the 70's. When I was in High School we use to go up there from Houston to get away from the insanity. Ended up living there and playing music in just about every club. I use to play at the Hole in the Wall regularly. Ever go there? Anyhow thanks again. J
  2. "People should not fear their government. A government should fear it's people." V "When the people fear the government you have tyranny...when the government fears the people you have liberty." --Thomas Jefferson --
  3. I answered other, I accidently found this site surfing, but now that I'm here I hope to find some answers and share some.
  4. Being a musican by trade for so many years I drank a lot beer, wine Hard stuff. I've been sober 15 years and I don't miss it.
  5. I have a pair of Yaks.. 8 cats one dog 2 sheep 3 goats and 7 chickens one rooster.
  6. The question is too cut and dry. One has to look at the possibility of both being a cause and just how much of both to determine what it is we can and can't do about it.
  7. Howdy, My name is John and I stumbled on this site while searching for information on a subject. I have been a scientificaly minded person since childhood and have been involved in many types of science. I love astronomy,archaeology,geology and have found that those three are very pertinent to each other. I have been doing a research off and on over the years on ancient languages,alphabets and the petroglyphs of the southwest and the world. I build and troubleshoot computers and have spent a lot of time doing all sorts of research. You might say I can appreciate the mechanics of life and the
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